(Photo) Jason Aldean Takes The Worst Selfie EverCheck out Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, in their terrible selfie.
Lee Brice & Wife Share Awesome Baby Belly Video!
Soccer Player Thanks Wife AND Girlfriend After Match
[Video] Wife Hands Husband's Forgotten Lunch From 20 Stories High!Her aim is beyond belief, the video has nearly 2 million views - yes it's worth it!
(Photo & Video) Simone Biles Exchanges Kisses With Huge Celebrity In RioSee the kiss that has Simone Biles going crazy!
VIDEO: Luke Bryan Talks About The Last Time His Wife Tricked HimWatch Luke Bryan talk about the last time his wife tricked him!
[Video] Deaf Husband Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant For ChristmasThis is probably the best gift he could have ever gotten! Grab a tissue!
Is Jake Owen Getting A Divorce??Jake's latest single is called "Real Life," and it seems that his real life isn't so great at the moment. In a recent interview Jake opens up about his marriage.
WOW! Here's Some Real Life Nashville Drama!Yesterday, I told you about Randy Houser getting engaged to Tatiana Starzynski. She's the sister-in-law to songwriter Dallas Davidson. After I read the story about Randy's engagement, I started piecing some things together and I found out some juiciness. If you love some good gossip you have to read this.
{New} You Can Now Sue Someone For Posting Your Pic On Facebook
I Was Just Trying To Help... A Husbands Foot In Mouth
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