Houston Flood Update Wednesday 5/27/15
Facebook's Memorial Day Miracle
Your Facebook Friends Aren't Your Real FriendsIt's crazy to be Facebook friends with someone you actively hate... Right?
Messages From The Dead On FacebookMemorial pages are great, but we're talking about something a little more disturbing like when you see a status and someone is posing as the dead person
Latest Randy Travis Health Update Is Good News! There's some pretty good news regarding Randy Travis and his health..
Oklahoma's 'Worst Tornado In History' Kills, Injures Dozens Monday afternoon, at 2:56 P.M. CST, a tornado touched down in Moore, Oklahoma, which is located just south of Oklahoma City. This was not a normal tornado.
Update: Is This Revenge Billboard A Fake? Is the digital billboard in Greensboro, NC that has garnered national attention just a clever marketing ploy by a company that owns several local restaurants?
Houston Texans Update: Tuesday
Training Camp Update: Friday

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