Millennials Are Killing These Restaurants.... Is Your Favorite On The ListStore Closings and Slumping Sales Remaking The "Eat-Out" Landscape
Superhero Deadpool Is Getting A TV Series - But There Is A Major TwistLoved The Movie? You'll want see the news about this!
MORNING BULL: JJ Watt Talks Charity Classic Game & Plays "Down & Dirty With The Morning Bull" [Audio]JJ tells us what he's afraid of...if he's ever had a pedicure and when was the last time he screamed in the dark and why [Listen to His Answers Inside]
NEW TEXAN WINS WEEKEND INTERNET: See What Deshaun Watson Did [Photos]New Texans QB's Momma Had A Great Weekend Thanks To Him!
CAN I GET AN AMEN: ALS Patient Gets To Say "I Love You" To His Wife AgainNew system gives a voice back to ALS Patients - Read & Share
STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Stolen Car Lingerie & Speeding Because Of Flatulence [READ]People Who Are Actually "Dumber Than George" [Share]
The Direct TV NOW Super Saturday Night, starring Taylor SwiftThe Morning Bull wants you to be a part of the most exclusive party Super Bowl week!
CAN I GET AN AMEN: [WATCH] Homemade Knitting Machine Makes 10,000 Socks For The HomelessSome Old Timers Make Socks and Get Recognized for Making a Difference
[PIC] Is Cowboy Dave's Shirt Too Tight? George and Mo Say YES!Tell us what you think... is the shirt/jacket too tight? See the pics here
J.J. Watt Talks With The Morning Bull [Full Interview]Friday J.J. Watt was nice enough to join the Morning Bull and he talked about everything. The thing is, he talked about so much that we couldn't pout it all on the air for you. Luckily, with the powers of the internet we are able to share the whole coversation with you! Listen and you will learn some things about J.J. you didn't know! Below are some key times if you need to skip around, but trust us, the whole interview is gold, just like J.J.
Mo From The Morning Bull - First In Houston To Use Amazon NOW!A squad of Amazon employees showed up at my house to congratulate Mo on being the first Houston resident to use the new Prime Now feature.
THE MORNING BULL - After Broadcast Podcast, Tuesday 10-6-15

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