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A Bullet Train From Houston To Dallas Is In The Works (Picture & Video)

Texas Central Railway proposed the bullet-train this week and it would allow commuters to get from Houston to DFW in 90 minutes! The plan is now in the hands of the The Federal Railroad Administration […]

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Former Houston Rocket, Chandler Parsons, Spotted Out With A Kardashian (Photos)

He felt a little disrespected when the Rockets didn’t renew his contract but it’s fair to say he isn’t really worried too much. He just signed a deal with the Dallas Mavericks for over $40 […]


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How To Tell Your Coworkers How You Really Feel

Ever had one of those annoying coworkers from the office who does something that REALLY bugs you but you don’t want to cause any problems or make things awkward so you don’t say anything?? FINALLY, […]


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Five Ways To Be More Interesting When Meeting New People

Nothing is worse than going into a situation where you’re meeting a bunch of new people for the first time and you have NO idea how to act. Making new friends takes a little bit […]


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Super Hot Cell Phones Causing Havoc (Photos)

It happened to me last week, I was charging my phone in the studio with my USB cable plugged into the computer and the charger end into my phone and I noticed that the cable […]



Meet The Bull’s New Intern! (Video)

Meet Em! She’s been my intern this summer and has done a fantastic job! It’s possible you’ve talked with if called the station to win or request a song!! Em, a graduate of Cypress Creek […]


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Ten Things Men Say That Have Alternative Meanings

It’s true, kinda like women, we say things that have hidden meanings. These hidden meanings might help you keep arguments from lasting forever! Check it out! 1. “I’ll call you.” Real Meaning: Don’t expect your […]


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50 Shades of Grey Releases Full Trailer (Video)

Early this morning when the trailer was released you could hear a gasp of air escape the mouths of women all across the world…50 Shades Of Grey is coming to a theater near you! Ladies, […]


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Grand Texas Theme Park (Full Story & Video)

Houston is starting to get excited about the new theme park coming to town in March of 2015 but Grand Texas is MORE than just a theme park! It’s an entire DISTRICT of FUN! It’s […]


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Johnny Manziel Scores A Hot New Girlfriend (Pictures)

Looks like Johnny Football has a new main squeeze in his life. (chances are he has more than one) She posted a picture of them kickin’ it with some friends on her Instagram. Also, on […]