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50 Shades of Grey Releases Full Trailer (Video)

Early this morning when the trailer was released you could hear a gasp of air escape the mouths of women all across the world…50 Shades Of Grey is coming to a theater near you! Ladies, […]

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Grand Texas Theme Park (Full Story & Video)

Houston is starting to get excited about the new theme park coming to town in March of 2015 but Grand Texas is MORE than just a theme park! It’s an entire DISTRICT of FUN! It’s […]

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Johnny Manziel Scores A Hot New Girlfriend (Pictures)

Looks like Johnny Football has a new main squeeze in his life. (chances are he has more than one) She posted a picture of them kickin’ it with some friends on her Instagram. Also, on […]


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Houston’s New Theme Park Is Coming (Pictures)

Surely you remember the old days of AstroWorld and all the fun that came along with it…well, brace yourself for the next theme park in Houston! Set for a 2015 opening…here are the early concepts […]


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Just Because He’s 70 Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Bust A Move

I woke up this morning and saw this awesome video on my Facebook timeline! It’s classsssssic! This old gent threw the canes to the side, risked a hip injury and got DOWN with his bad […]


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Eight Things You Could Be Looking At Besides Your Phone

This may seem weird…but I made it a point today to look around at how many people I saw looking at their phones. I kept my phone in my pocket and looked around at all […]


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The Lost Kenny Chesney Interview (Video)

Kenny recently released his new single “American Kids” and has made some major concert announcements recently but do you remember when he first got started? Sure, in this era of New Country we’re seeing many […]


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The End Of STD’s Could Be Upon Us

Sure, if you’re married you probably don’t worry about condoms but if you’re out there playing the field…this is awesome news! Scientists in Australia have created a gel called VivaGel that can deactivating HIV, HPV and […]


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Kim Kardashian Proves Again She Looks Great On Her Back (Photos)

How much of Kim Kardashian is too much? I mean, she posts non stop on Instagram and the world can’t help but look. These might be my favorite pictures of her….maybe. Good thing I’m here […]


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Jessica Simpson And Her Post Wedding Selfies Will Make You Smile

Jessica Simpson recently tied the knot and she seems to be LOVING the married life! She posted these awesome selfies on her Instagram over the weekend! I need a woman like this!       […]