#StupiderThanGeorge: Free Willy And "Hey Y'all Watch This" Rattlesnake EditionThese people are "Dumber Than A Box Of Hair".
[Watch] Woman Hides in Fruits & Vegetables at Kroger - STUPIDER THAN GEORGE!these folks are a "few clowns short of a circus"...
Woman Stuck in Bathroom Window While on a TINDER Date...why? Read It HereThes folks really are #StupiderThanGeorge
READ THESE STUPIDER STORIES: Lady Bites Fishing Line Swims Away, Man Fired Over Butt Dial These folks called in sick the day God was giving out brains!
#StupiderThanGeorge: Blowing The Doors Off & Don't Do Selfies With A Gun!For these folks....Antennas up, but there's no reception
Blonde Moments, Ugly Facebook & #2 On Most Wanted List [Read These]"It's Stupider Than George, People Dumber Than Me"
STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Fraud "To Do" List & Ax In The RoofAs my daddy used to say “These folks are a few bubbles off plumb”
11 Year-Old From Pasadena Pulled Over For Speeding-Mom Had Given Permission To Drive!You Can't Make This Up! People Who Are Dumber Than George!
Stirring Up A Bee's Nest & "Get Out Of Jail Free" - STUPIDER THAN GEORGE StoriesIf brains were dynamite…these folks couldn’t even blow their hats off….
STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Automatic Door Catches Thief And Nabbed by Bad Yelp ReviewThese folks have an IQ about 6 points higher than butter!
STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: "Cereal Offender" and "Man Call 911 For Ride to Hooters"These folks are not the "sharpest tools in the shed"
STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Urine Sample in 7-11 Microwave, Mom Pull Son's Teeth in WalmartSTUPID PEOPLE - These Folks ARE NOT MENTAL GIANTS - See Stories And Pictures

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