11 Year-Old From Pasadena Pulled Over For Speeding-Mom Had Given Permission To Drive!You Can't Make This Up! People Who Are Dumber Than George!
Stirring Up A Bee's Nest & "Get Out Of Jail Free" - STUPIDER THAN GEORGE StoriesIf brains were dynamite…these folks couldn’t even blow their hats off….
Bumming Gas Money for Stolen Ferrari And More - It's Stupider Than GeorgeFolks Who Are a Few Tacos Short Of A Fiesta Platter!!
STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Urine Sample in 7-11 Microwave, Mom Pull Son's Teeth in WalmartSTUPID PEOPLE - These Folks ARE NOT MENTAL GIANTS - See Stories And Pictures
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STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Feces Marking Fishing Spots & Pepper Sauce on Thongs [NSFW Pics]An Especially NASTY Couple Of Dudes on This Week's Edition!
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STUPIDER THAN GEORGE: Dog Sweaters And Dumb City OfficialsSome stories of dumb people - and yes there is one from Florida!!!
MORNING BULL: People Who Are "Stupider Than George"A dog rescue that really isn't and how bad do you want to go party with your friends??
The Morning Bull's "People Who are STUPIDER THAN GEORGE"These are NOT MENSA MEMBERS, but they are funny! [Click to Read Full Stories]

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