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See The Ugliest Dress In The World For The Ugliest Price (Photo)

Click here to see the ugliest dress ever made! Would you wear it? I sure hope not.


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5 Tax Deductions You Probably Never Knew You Could Claim

Click here to see the odd yet purposeful ways to try and get some money back on your refund!



5 Text Messages That Prove Their Ex Is Crazy (Photos)

There is a new Instagram account called textsfromyourex and it encourages people to send them screenshots of their crazy text message exchanges. The results have been hilarious.   Follow me on Instagram: mrnickrusso Follow me on […]


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Awwwkward Shocker: Truth Torpedo SINKS Andi After Last Night’s “Bachlorette”

The “Bachelorette” finale went down last night, with ANDI DORFMAN accepting a “proposal” from former baseball player JOSH MURRAY. As usual, they’ll pretend to like each other for at least a few more weeks, before […]


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8 Things You Never Tell A Woman

Let’s face it….women are sensitive and some things should not be said unless you’re prepared to face the wrath. Here are a few questions you should avoid like the plague.   1) Are you on […]


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Happy Father’s Day To My 2 Dads

First, the man in the picture up there ^^ and I are not related… I’ll take this chance to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this! Feel free to add me […]


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(Pictures) iPhone 6 Will Be Larger Than Ever Before

First, let me introduce you to Sonny Dickson. This guy has become famous for always leaking Apple’s secrets. He’s almost always right on the money. He’s an Australian dude who has no bio on Twitter […]


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Man Captures Video That Proves Heaven Exists

Check out this video that proves that heaven exists! Breathtaking footage


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The Ball Boy Blunder Heard ‘Round The World

The Royals were playing the Yankees last night and the Royals’ ball boy made a blunder he’ll not soon forget! He scoops up a fair ball resulting in a ground rule double for the opposition…his […]


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Nick’s Picks: Movie Night

If you’re looking for something to watch….you have GOT to check out “Lone Survivor”….starring Mark Wahlberg and based on a true story, modeled after the book written by Marcus Latrell. This movie will give you […]