CAN I GET AN AMEN: Pet Squirrel Saves The Day, Attacks Intruder [Video]Things Got NUTTY When A Burglar Attempted To Rob Joey's Home!
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Sub Bus Driver Builds Wheelchair Bound Little Girl A New Ramp!Your Positive New Story For Today [Read & Share]
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Couple Married 78 Years Says The KEY is NOT LOVE!Betty and Morrie Markoff, 103 & 100 years-old, say there are 3 Keys - And Love is NOT among them - READ HERE
GRAMMY AWARDS RECAP: I'm Seein' Red - Mo's Top 5 From Last NightRed gowns on the red carpet can be risky, but leave it to country music to show ya how to do it right
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Girl Scout Cookie Stand Robbed At Gunpoint, Police Donate To Cover Losses!SHOUT OUT to Law Enforcement for helping turn this into a POSITIVE! [Share]
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Girl Scout Does BRUTAL Review Of Cookies - Sales Explode!"Dirty Jobs" Star Mike Rowe Can't Stop Laughing and Helps Video GO Viral [WATCH IT HERE]
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Facebook Post Saves Toddler's Life [Tissue Warning]Some Positive News From Social Media [Sweet Story Alert]
Has Madden 17 Successfully Predicted SB51 Outcome [VIDEO]The EA Sports Simulation is out - and it predicts an exciting finish! [WATCH]
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Victoria, Texas Making Headlines Around The WorldTexas Hospitality On Full Display In Small Town [SHARE THE GOOD NEWS]
SUPER BOWL 51 Menu Showcase - Some Food Ideas You Can Adapt for Your PartyVIDEO of Bacon Jam - all the things being served at Super Bowl in Houston!
CAN I GET AN AMEN: A Patriots Super Bowl Ring Saves Orphanage in ThailandEven Patriots haters will throw their hand up and yell AMEN for this story!
CAN I GET AN AMEN: Old Fisherman Posts Heartwarming Ad For New Fishing BuddyWE LOVE RAY (we switched to all caps too - read story to understand)

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