Missed Connections: I'm On the Couch, Football Cowboy & Pork FaceEveryone needs love, including these folks! CAN YOU HELP reconnect them!
Ugly Matt Damon, Love Your Footlong, Spanking At The Goat Pen [Read This]Everyone needs love – including these folks on Missed Connections.
Missed Connections: Coffe, Tea & Me, Lookin for the BurperEveryone needs love – including these folks on Missed Connections.
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Ferrets, Foot Lovers & 50 McNuggetsCraig’s List "ALMOST LOVE STORIES" that touched our hearts…
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Your Ugly Dog, Looking for (Taco) Belle, & Grilling GoodnessWe can’t stand the idea that someone might MISS out on the love of their life. So Read These!
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Peaches, Victoria's (Real) Secret, Sniffing Washing Powder
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Past Life Romance, Ump Counting Balls, Sticky IckyWe'd hate for someone to miss the "love of their life" - SO READ THESE!
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Cabbage Patch Dolls, MotorBoatin' & Wheelies On The Sea WallWe can’t stand the idea of someone missing out on the love of their life, so....
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Gollum, Reward Money and Cat Food - OH MY! [Weirdest Week Ever]READ AT YOUR OWN RISK - Strange Stuff This Week!
Morning Bull: MISSED CONNECTIONS - Nerd Alert, Clean Up in Aisle 5 & Calling Dr. LoveLightsabers, Kid Barf and On-Site Back Adjustments - See Your Love Life Isn't So Bad!
MORNING BULL: Some Monday "Missed Connections" [Can We Say "num, nums"]It’s time to share some soon to be star-crossed lovers…from Craig’s List…
MORNING BULL MISSED CONNECTIONS: "Melt in my hands", "I Work Cheap" and "A Bite Of My Chili Relleno"With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help these star-crossed soon to be lovers!

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