MORNING BULL: Some Monday "Missed Connections" [Can We Say "num, nums"]It’s time to share some soon to be star-crossed lovers…from Craig’s List…
MORNING BULL MISSED CONNECTIONS: "Melt in my hands", "I Work Cheap" and "A Bite Of My Chili Relleno"With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help these star-crossed soon to be lovers!
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Stories About Cash & Go, LOL Guy & Devil My Eggs!Can We CONNECT This "Almost Lovers"
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Lunch, Paparazzi, Duck and Trucks [READ THEM HERE]A Highlight Of Some Of Our Fav Craiglist Ads
MORNING BULL: Seeking "Great Knowledge" On MISSED CONNECTIONS [Laugh & Share]Rodeo Themed Attempts At Finding That "Special Someone" - Read & Share
MISSED CONNECTIONS: In Line At Taco Bell, Yoga Pants & SplintersREAD AND SHARE: Some "Almost LOVE STORIES from the weekend"
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Seeking Idealist, How Big Were The K-Cups & Flying J Shower!An especially enjoyable selection of "MISSED CONNECTIONS" stories today!
MORNING BULL: Missed Connections - Some "ALMOST" Love Stories!This Week: Voting Desk Dedication, Haircut Happiness, and Hooters Wrestling Invite
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Quilt Festival Love, Pump Your Gas, Stafford Stare DownLove Can Happen Anywhere - International Quilt Festival, Gas Station or Bar [Read Details Here]
MISSED CONNECTIONS: A Hospital Hottie, A Guy With A Footlong, & A Renfest RomanceRough Halloween Weekend - bet it wasn't as bad as these ALMOST LOVE STORIES!!!
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Help Us Reconnect These NEAR MISSES At Love!A fan of "Fixer Upper", Car Rider Line Hotness And A Real PokeMAN (Read Them All Here)
MORNING BULL: Missed Connections Monday!HEB Cereal Isle, Dairy Queen in Baytown, And A Dually in Spring

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