Texas Issues Historic First Medical Marijuana LicenseThis is a big step toward legalization in Texas.
Texas House Approves Marijuana Legalization BillClick here to see the new developments that happened this week in Austin regarding the legalization of marijuana!
10 Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal In TexasClick here to see why marijuana should be legal in Texas. Do you think the new law proposing to make it legal should be passed?
Houston's New Marijuana Focused Pilot Program (Poll)
Tommy Chong Smokes The Competition On Dancing With The Stars
The Legalization Of Shrooms
It's Corey's Stories: Teacher Misunderstood The Idea Of "Pot"Luck DinnerShe's currently being held for a felony!
How '4/20' Became The Recognized 'Weed Day' Among Pot SmokersThis annual unofficial holiday is celebrated by marijuana lovers all over the universe.
Check Out These Celebrity 'Stoners'! A cough here, a euphoric feeling of bliss there and laughter back over here, are what many experience when they smoke a bit of the herb. When it comes to lighting up some weed, some famous faces have no shame in their game!
Willie Nelson ‘On The Road Again’ After Weekend HospitalizationLegendary country artist, activist and humanitarian Willie Nelson was hospitalized over the weekend in Colorado. True to his lyrics, reports are he is ‘fine’ and he just “can’t wait to get on the road again!"
Kenny Chesney's Look-A-Like Removed From The Concert... Corey's Got The Dirt
Jim Belushi Has Something In Common With Snoop Dogg... In The Dirt With Corey FoleyDancing With The Stars spoiler alert, and Jim Belushi gets stopped at the airport with an illegal substance. Melissa Gilbert will be okay after her hospital visit. Corey Foley's got all the Dirt!

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