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Anheuser-Busch Steps Up To The Plate To Help Flood Ravaged Texas

Click here to see how Anheuser Busch has stepped up to help the flood victims of Texas and Oklahoma!

6 hours ago

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Father Of Homecoming Queen Lost In Flood Speaks Out (Video)

Listen to what one of the flood victim’s families had to say about the loss of their young daughter in the flood waters.

11 hours ago

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Terrifying Video Shows Flood Water Busting Into Home (Video)

Click here to see the video of the Blanco River taking over a family’s home!



The 10 Most Shocking Pictures Of The 2015 Houston Flood (Photos)

Click here to see shocking pictures of the #HoustonFlood posted on Social Media in Houston!



Here’s A List Of The 9 Most Addictive Foods

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Customer Gropes Waitress Then Waitress Knocks Customer Out (Video)

Click here to watch this waitress put this perv in his place after he tries to get too touchy at the bar!


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The Official Trailer For Point Break Released (Video)

Click here to watch the trailer of the remake for Point Break!


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Help Houston Fire-Fighters After A Long Shift

Harris County has been declared a disaster area along with 40 other counties in Texas (at the time of this article).  Governor Abbott says the deadly flooding was the worst he’s seen.  News reports claim […]


Photos from the 2015 Houston Flood May 25th & 26th 2015. Photo Credits: CBS Radio Houston

Why Is It Raining So Much? When Will It End? (Quickread)

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Jessica Simpson Goes On Picture Sharing Spree Of Her 3 Year Old Daughter (Photos)

Click here to see some of the photos Jessica Simpson shared on her Instagram over the Memorial Day Weekend!