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(Pics) Is This Evidence Of Jason Aldean Snubbing His Girlfriend Brittnany Kerr?

While checking out a picture of Jason Aldean on his Instagram account day drinking at Buffalo Wild Wings in Nashville with Kenny Chesney, something occurred to me. I wondered where his girlfriend Brittany Kerr was. […]

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Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Every Time She Said “No” To Sex

Reddit user throwwwwaway29 has a husband, and her husband is fed up. He is so fed up that this morning he sent her an email that contained the spreadsheet, detailing all the times she has […]


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Here’s What Men Are Secretly Buying Behind Your Back

We all know women be shopping. ( A Nutty Professor reference y’all ) Well guess what? It turns out men be shopping too . . . they just don’t be telling you about it. A […]


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Now You Can Buy A ‘Selfie’ Toaster…It Burns Your Face Into Your Toast!

There’s no reason your vanity has to be limited to photographs. Let’s get that face of yours onto more mediums ASAP. A company in Vermont called Burnt Impressions is now selling a product called the […]


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Why To Say “No” To The Most Dangerous “Heroin” Of All Mixed Drinks

A recent study from Australia found that when people drink alcohol with energy drinks they have a higher need to keep drinking compared to people who just drank a vodka soda.   The journal of […]


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Another 40-Year-Old Mom Has Become An NFL Cheerleader – Look!

It’s true, because we’re taking better care of ourselves we feel better. And when we feel better we get that confidence and youthful energy back. So when someone says, “50 is the new 40″ or […]


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Did Joe Nichols “Suck” Singing God Bless America @ The All Star Game?

Although Joe Nichols’ current hit is called “Yeah“, he’s got many people responding, “No!” However, it’s not Joe’s latest song that’s the issue, it’s how he performed a classic patriotic song Tuesday night at the […]


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Here’s Why You Always Choose the Slowest Line at the Grocery Store

It seems like you NEVER, EVER pick the right check-out line at the grocery store, right? No matter how carefully you strategize, you ALWAYS end up in the slow lane . . . next to […]


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Kate Upton Spilled Out of Her Bikini And Exposed Her Terrible Tan Lines

Detroit Tigers pitcher JUSTIN VERLANDER didn’t make the All-Star game this year, but I doubt he’s complaining. Because instead of going to that, he got to spend Tuesday with his on-again-off-again girlfriend KATE UPTON in […]


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The Mathematical Formula For The Perfect Road Trip

Summer road trips SOUND amazing, and ARE pretty amazing . . . until your air conditioning goes out and that one person won’t stop singing “Happy”. Dr. David Holmes is a psychologist in England, and […]