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The Singles Project - Season 1

The Ten Things You Do on a First Date That Make Someone Not Want a Second

It’s amazing ANYONE’S able to relax and have a normal conversation on a first date, considering how much JUDGING is going on . . . and how even one little mistake can ruin things. A […]

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[NEW] 10 Things That Shorten Your Life

Here are 10 things you’re doing that might be SHORTENING your life.  Happy Wednesday!     1.  You’re single.  Studies show that being single for long periods of time could shave a decade off your […]


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A Mysterious Stranger Pulls An Old Man From Burning House . . . Then Vanished ( on Video )

On Saturday, a house caught fire in Fresno, California, and a woman on the sidewalk started screaming that her 73-year-old father was still inside, hooked up to his OXYGEN tank.     Which is when […]


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The Five Most Common Lies We Tell About Our Weekend . . . To Make It Seem More Exciting

Last week I posted this  STORY that said you’re basically worthless at work by 10:19 Friday morning, because you start thinking about the weekend.  But then more than 10% of us end up LYING about […]


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Here’s The Science Behind Why You’re Basically Worthless By 10:19am On Friday

At what point do you switch off at work, and start thinking about the weekend?  Well, apparently it’s about an hour after you START work on Friday.     According to a new survey, the […]


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1/3 Of Your Neighbors Are Spying On You And Here’s What They’re Checking Out

Here’s something to freak you out:  A third of your neighbors are SPYING ON YOU.     A new survey commissioned by Yale University found that one in three homeowners admit they “spy” on their […]


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(NC-17) Woman on “Family Feud” Had to Name Something She’d Change About Her Husband’s Body . . . Oh Yes She Did!

On Monday, a woman on “Family Feud” named Joyce had to name a part of her husband’s body she’d like to change . . . and she said “HIS PENIS”. Now, we’re not sure WHAT […]



A Family Gets An Extra $122,000 For Their House When They Agree To Include Their Cat

You might say there’s NO amount of money that could get you to give away your family’s cat . . . and you would be wrong.  For THIS amount of money, you’d HAPPILY give away […]


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[NEW] Five Phrases That Can Get You Kicked Off an Airplane

  Last Wednesday, a guy in Philadelphia got kicked off a plane by people in hazmat suits . . . after he said he’d been to Africa and had EBOLA.     It turned out […]


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A Farmer Has Found a Way to Grow Pumpkins That Look Just Like Frankenstein’s Monster

Call this the Frankenkin? The Pumpkinstein?   Instead of carving a pumpkin LIKE A SUCKER this year, just let creepy agricultural engineering take care of things for you.     Tony Dighera is a farmer […]




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