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Newest Selfie Craze: Cello Tape Selfies

Did we do it right? How do we look?


Foley and Thunder

Foley & Thunder: Worst Date Ever!!

Drug dealer, thief, cousin, sock puppet, gold-digger, here some words to give you a sneak peek at how horrible some of these were.


Corey's Diary

Corey’s Diary February 7th, 2014: One Event Can Really Change Your Perspective

Dear Diary, Greg and I got to do the most amazing thing last night. We were guest hosts on Radio Lollipop at the Texas Children’s Hospital. What an amazing organization and the people who volunteer […]


Corey's Diary

Corey’s Diary February 3rd, 2014: I Found My New Favorite Thing In The World

Dear Diary, It was a great weekend. I brought my new baby home on Friday. I love it, it is so fun to drive. Jeff calls it my hot rod. And I love the color, […]


Corey's Diary

Corey’s Diary January 31st, 2014: The Fog Has Lifted & The Light Is Brighter

  Dear Diary, Sometimes just releasing everything you are feeling out into the world can make you feel a lot better. I was feeling pretty low and was trying to get out of my funk. […]


Corey's Diary

Corey’s Diary December 5th, 2013: The Planets Have Aligned And All Is Right With The World

Dear Diary, Yesterday I got my butt to the gym. I don’t know how much working out was done since Erin and I spent most of it catching up. I feel like I haven’t seen […]


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Can You Admit To A Nasty Habit Of Yours?

Corey agrees with #4, Cowboy Dave agrees with #7, and Greg can agree with #4 as well… What are these bad habits?


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Now You Know More About The Foley & Thunder Show

Thanks to a new social media trend, we got “the number 3″; therefore we offer three facts about all of us that you didn’t know.


Cowboy Dave, Greg, and Corey (Photo Credit: CBS Radio Houston)

Day Two: Foley & Thunder On Disney Magic

From towel creatures to comedians, Corey, Greg, and Dave are having a magical time on the Disney Magic. Pics here from Day Two…


Disney Cruise

Day One: Foley & Thunder On Re-Imagined Disney Magic

Corey, Greg, and Cowboy Dave plus there significant others boarded the re-imagined Disney Magic Sunday and will be back this Saturday!