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CAN I GET AN AMEN: Sidewalk Art Savior!

Time for our “CAN I GET AN AMEN” story of the day! At “THE MORNING BULL” we believe in the power of positivity. We believe there are more good people than bad in the world, […]


Melbourne Attempts World Record Ice Bucket Challenge

A Girl Runs Away from Her “Ice Bucket Challenge” . . . And Slams Face-First Into a Pole

Everybody’s been watching “Ice Bucket Fail” montages on YouTube in the past few days.  Now they’re going to have to make a new one.  A girl in Ireland tried to run away after they dumped […]


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Mom Arrested For Letting Her Son, 7, Walk To Park Alone

It appears we have a rash of stories regarding authorities charging mothers and fathers this summer with a lack-of-parenting. Dominic Gainey was stopped by someone while he walked and police were called to a Port […]



Kelly Clarkson Gave Birth To A Baby Girl

Our native Texan singin’ former idol, Kelly Clarkson… Is now a mamma! Kelly announced the arrival of her baby girl… River Rose Blackstock via Twitter last night. She wrote that the baby girl was born […]


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That Was Close! A Girl, A Bicycle, And A Train…

The first 10 seconds remind me of Final Destination… Crazy!


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Signs Your Toddler Will Be A Heavy Drinker!

He has more trouble than usual reciting the alphabet OR she wears a super low-cut onesie.



A Girl Sounds Like Whales While Crying On A Voicemail [AUDIO]

One tip I can give any girl is never leave too long of a voice mail, and don’t cry on the phone!


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Photo Of The Day: KFC Employee Licks Food!

Over the weekend, a Kentucky Fried Chicken employee in Johnson City, Tennessee posted a photo on Facebook of herself at work licking the top of a large tray of mashed potatoes.


3. Lady Antebellum "Dancin' Away With My Heart"

Man Bites Off Girl’s Finger At Lady A Concert!

What in the world? Maybe there is something to this “Zombie Apocalypse” thing after all. At a recent Lady Antebellum concert a man flew into a rage and ended up biting off the tip of a girl’s finger.



Wanna See A Drunk Girl Fall Through An Awning?

There’s a great video of some drunk British chick sitting on an aluminum awning that’s attached to the side of a house.  And the guy shooting the video tells her it’s not strong enough to […]