Erin Austin’s Blog: Do My Friends Have Better Lives

There’s a new show debuting March 31, on CBS called ‘Friends With Better Lives’ that has inspired me to write this blog. It’s something that I’ve noticed myself doing numerous times. Scanning thru my news feed on Facebook and I see all the great things that my friends are doing. It makes me wonder if my life will ever be fabulous like theirs.


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Gwyneth Paltrow Stirs The Pot With Working Moms Everywhere

Working moms 9-5 have it easier than Gwyneth Paltrow, do you agree?


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Five Ways Women Lie On Facebook REVEALED

Can you see through our lying ways on Facebook? P.S. The photo above has been photoshopped and is 6 months old!


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Happy Birthday Colin Facebook Page Has Nearly One Million Likes

If you want to tell Colin Happy Birthday, go ahead! Everyone else is doing it!


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Your Life Is Wasting Away On Facebook

How much have you wasted on Facebook? Days, Months, Years…


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Most People Swear They’ll Never Do These Things When They Have Kids

Do you have kids? If not, what will you NOT do when you DO have kids?


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Who Are You Most Likely To Be On The Simpsons?

If you’re looking for something to do before you get started at work… or if you’re just bored and mindlessly scrolling Facebook, check it out!


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‘Selfie’ Is Now ‘Word Of The Year’!

Whether you call it self love or narcissism, consider it one of the most trendy aspects of social media and life as a whole that now resides in the Oxford Dictionary!


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Prepare Questions For Keith Urban’s Facebook Chat, Video Premiere!

Keith Urban is conducting a Facebook chat this Friday and wants you to have your questions ready for him!


Corey's Diary

Corey’s Diary November 15th, 2013: Is That Bigfoot Riding In A Roller Skate?

Dear Diary, Jeff had to work late last night. so I was on doggie pickup. I have never had Loki, our giant German Shepherd, in my Fiat. I think people thought I was sharing a ride […]