World Cup Hotties - Week 2

The 5 Most Unflattering Summer Selfies To Never Take Of Yourself

As our temps in Houston approach 100 degrees and you want to show all your friends on social media how you’re keeping cool, here’s a heads up. We show a lot more skin in the […]


(Anne Arundel County Police Department)

Dumb Criminal Taunts Police On Facebook, Gets Caught

There are stupid people and then there is this guy. A 28-year-old guy in Maryland was arrested a day after he decided to taunt the police by commenting ” LMAO” F— all u cowards telling […]


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Should This Beautiful Young Woman Be The Face Of Plus-Sized Models?

Robyn Lawley is a 25-year-old Australian model who made news when she switched from conventional to plus-sized modeling due to health concerns. She is the face of the designer Mango’s new plus-size line, Violeta. Her face […]


Mickey Gilley

HUGE NEWS! Gilley’s Is Coming Back To Pasadena TX!!

Get excited! Mickey Gilley took to Facebook last night to announce that we should be expecting the return of Gilley’s to Pasadena, TX!


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10 Things On Your Facebook Page That Could Cost You That New Job

According to a new survey from Career Builder, 43% of employers now check social media like Facebook and Twitter before they decide to hire you. Here are the ten things that are most likely to […]


Kip Moore (credit: Stephen Shepherd)

Kip Moore Sends Message To Ticket Scalpers

Country stars are starting to take a big stand against ticket scalpers. Eric Church canceled a bunch of tickets he believed were purchased by scalpers. Now Kip Moore is letting his thoughts be known about these types of people.


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Women Are Going Nuts Over A Mugshot Of This Handsome Felon (Pic)

Welcome to the world we live in, where no matter what you’ve done, to some people you’re going to be judged based on your looks instead. The police in Stockton, California did a sweep for […]


CBS Radio Houston/Dave

Wanna Go Fishin’ With Cowboy Dave?

Howdy y’all… I’ve started a new facebook page… and if ya want to… and like seein’ and keepin’ up with my family and all my critters out in Magnolia, Texas… You can find me DIRECTLY […]


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Woman Faces Outrage For Breastfeeding Baby At Her Graduation ( + PICS )

25-year-old Karlesha Thurman just graduated from California State University, Long Beach. And she posted a photo from the ceremony on Facebook that made the Internet go CRAZY. Karlesha is a single mother, and she brought […]


Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Facebook’s Memorial Day Miracle

While most people are gathering with the family or preparing for a big bbq or enjoying some relaxing time off for the Memorial Day Weekend…Facebook rolled out their newest proximity feature. This feature is a […]