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Angry Girlfriend Teaches Cheating Boyfriend A Lesson (Photo)

Click here to see what a woman did to her husbands Apple products after finding out about his cheating ways.


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Did Apple Kill the iPod Classic Too Soon?

And did they help to create an iPod black market by doing so?


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Houston Mom Invents App That Locks Your Kid’s Phone Until They Call You Back

Every kid who’s begged their parents to buy them a phone has used the, “I can call you so you know I’m safe” line. And every parent who fell for it learned their kids are […]


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Did This Man Go Too Far In Handling An Obnoxious Brat At Burger King?

There’s a story online that we can’t PROVE is real . . . but we sure hope it is. I’m not sure I’d have the mental quickness to do what he did, but listen to […]


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Facebook’s Memorial Day Miracle

While most people are gathering with the family or preparing for a big bbq or enjoying some relaxing time off for the Memorial Day Weekend…Facebook rolled out their newest proximity feature. This feature is a […]


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Should Greg Download The ‘Tracker App’ For Girlfriend?

I received an email request to download a tracker app. Then my girlfriend follows up with “Did you get my request for Find Friends?”


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We Spend Too Much Time With Apps On Our Phone

Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Words With Friends… 30% of people can not go without their apps!


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The Twenty-Fifth Billionth Song Sold On iTunes!

Wow. itunes has sold it’s 25th billionth song. So what was the song?


Most Disgusting App EVER??!!

It’s not often that I test out an app that makes me nearly throw up on my iPhone, but iScab, a new game that simulates picking scabs off your skin, accomplished just about that. The […]


The Last Words Of Steve Jobs

Mona Simpson was the biological sister of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and gave a moving eulogy a few days after his death. The New York Times printed the eulogy in yesterday’s paper. In the eulogy, […]