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The Ten REAL Meanings Of Things You Tell Your Boss

We always want to say the right thing to the boss and sometimes we’ll say what we need to say to get out of an awkward situation or get into a good situation!   1. […]

17 hours ago

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Four Pizza Creations That Will Make Your Mouth Water (Photos)

Your stomach might be growling after you see these pictures! Pizza is probably my favorite food….verrrrry unhealthy but verrrrry delicious! Check out these amazing versions of pizza!! First is the Pizza Cone?! The Pizza Cake!! […]

18 hours ago

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Kenny Chesney Co-Produces Sports Documentary For ESPN

Hangin’ in the Carribbean while drinking rum and writing music with Jimmy Buffet isn’t all Kenny is good at…he’s also getting into film production! As reported in Rolling Stone’s Magazine, Kenny is a co-producer of […]

19 hours ago

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Vandals Deface Miranda’s Billboard (Picture)

This is why we can’t have nice things! Seems as though some immature folks in Miranda’s hometown of Lindale, Texas decided a mustache was missing from the welcome billboard with Miranda’s face on it. The […]

20 hours ago

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10 Ways To Know You’re Country

There are a lot of things that folks from the country know and do that city folks don’t know too much about….unless they were born in the country first! Those of us that grew up […]


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Texas Longhorn Kicker Headshot Goes Viral (Photo)

The internet is alive with jokes about this Longhorn Kicker’s headshot. His name is Nick Rose and he’s either super-proud of his giant head of hair or he saw an opportunity to steal the title […]



Bone Chilling Ghosts Caught On Camera (Video)

I’ve seen a ghost of a really good friend before. The moment I saw his ghost I thought he had faked his death. I know what I saw that day and it confirmed to me […]


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A Bullet Train From Houston To Dallas Is In The Works (Picture & Video)

Texas Central Railway proposed the bullet-train this week and it would allow commuters to get from Houston to DFW in 90 minutes! The plan is now in the hands of the The Federal Railroad Administration […]


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Former Houston Rocket, Chandler Parsons, Spotted Out With A Kardashian (Photos)

He felt a little disrespected when the Rockets didn’t renew his contract but it’s fair to say he isn’t really worried too much. He just signed a deal with the Dallas Mavericks for over $40 […]


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How To Tell Your Coworkers How You Really Feel

Ever had one of those annoying coworkers from the office who does something that REALLY bugs you but you don’t want to cause any problems or make things awkward so you don’t say anything?? FINALLY, […]