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Erin Austin’s Blog: It’s So Hard Not To Compare Myself To Others

This is one of my worst habits. I compare myself to other people all the time. Hence, why I wrote the blog about comparing my life to my friends on Facebook. Last Sunday I didn’t [...]


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Get FREE Music Downloads Thanks To People Magazine

Who doesn’t love the word FREE? Especially when it comes to free music from some your favorite country stars and some of your soon to be favorite. People Magazine is hooking it up!


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Did George Strait Diss Miranda Lambert? Or…

Did George just not see her? If you watched the ACM Awards last night you hopefully saw George Strait winning Entertainer of the Year.



Erin Austin’s Blog: Do My Friends Have Better Lives

There’s a new show debuting March 31, on CBS called ‘Friends With Better Lives’ that has inspired me to write this blog. It’s something that I’ve noticed myself doing numerous times. Scanning thru my news feed on Facebook and I see all the great things that my friends are doing. It makes me wonder if my life will ever be fabulous like theirs.



Luke Bryan Crashes A Baby Shower!

Instead of us crashing Luke’s Party, he’s crashing a baby shower. In a new video to encourage fans to vote for Luke as the ACM Entertainer of the Year Luke displays his comedic side.


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Erin Austin’s Blog: My Never Ending Worry – Will I always Be Single?

The other night I was up in our suite at the rodeo. There was a guy I know in our suite with his new girlfriend. I found myself doing what I always do when I see people that have someone and I don’t…I started getting a little depressed. ( and no I don’t want to date him)


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Erin Austin’s Rodeo Blog: My Spanx Have Reached Their Limit

Spanx are a lifesaver for many women. However, mine quite possibly have been tested to their limits. With all the crazy food at Rodeo Houston it’s easy to go a little overboard.


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Erin Austin’s Blog: When God Looks Out For You

I’m not a super religious person. I went to church growing up and I may not believe everything that I was taught as a kid but I still believe that God guides us and answers prayers.


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Erin Austin’s Blog: Do I Need Big Boobs To Make It?

That may seem like a ridiculous question to some, but when I tell you what I’ve observed, I want you to answer honestly. Not in the way it “should” be, but in the way it [...]


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Which Country Star Are You? Take The Quiz!

Here’s another one of those unscientific surveys that serve no purpose other than pure fun and as distraction from work. So find out what Country Star you by taking the survey on Buzzfeed.