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You’re Getting Way Too Much Sleep… Really??

I don’t know what these people are talkin’ about… 15 hours a night sounds GREAT to me… but what do I know! You know how you always feel tired? Well guess what? The government says [...]



A Deaf Three-Year-Old Is Banned From Signing His Name at Preschool . . . Because The Sign Looks Too Much Like A Gun

Here’s one of those cases where “zero tolerance” policies and political correctness make people do something INCOMPREHENSIBLY STUPID. Three-year-old Hunter Spanjer of Grand Island, Nebraska is deaf. And his preschool has banned him from using [...]


Midnight Rodeo - August - 26

Find Your Photo From Midnight Rodeo

Be sure to join Cowboy Dave tonight and every Friday at Midnight Rodeo from 10a to 1p! Your photo could end up here on!


Houston Texans

Are These The Top 24 Football Movies?

(GO TEXANS) With the NFL season right around the corner, the “Hollywood Reporter” has put together a list of the Top 24 Football Movies. Although it kinda seems like they just listed EVERY football movie. [...]



Where Did “OMG” come From?

I’ll be honest… I’ve never used the “OMG”… EVER… but I get texts every day that do! Do you think teenage girls are going to stop saying “OMG” when they find out it dates back [...]


Magic Mike

The Perfect Man?

I’m not sure if this kinda thing applies here in Houston… what do you think? This guy sounds kinda girly to me! “GQ” magazine just published the results of a survey asking women which qualities [...]


Olympics Day 4 - Swimming

GO TEAM USA!! Michael Phelps Finally Won Gold

Michael Phelps won two medals on Tuesday, which gave him a total of 19 over his Olympic career. That’s the most by any Olympian ever, passing a Soviet gymnast named Larisa Latynina, who won 18 [...]



Beer & Boots… Midnight Rodeo Friday Nights

Let’s get these plans rollin’ for Friday night with Cowboy Dave and the KILT posse at MIDNIGHT RODEO in Katy! Cold Beer, good lookin’ people and a HUGE racetrack dance floor. Fact is… you never [...]



The Top Five Turnoffs For Men And Women

A British website did a survey to find out what men and women think are the biggest turnoffs in the opposite sex. We’ll let you decide whether the results apply here in the U.S. too. [...]



Midnight Rodeo And Cowboy Dave This FRIDAY!!

It’s never too early to start plannin’ your weekend plans… I know it’s only Tuesday, but let’s get these plans rollin’ for Friday night with Cowboy Dave and the KILT posse at MIDNIGHT RODEO in [...]