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The Most Redneck Pic Ever?

For a while… I thought Colt Ford might be the BIGGEST redneck I know… That was until a man gave me a chicken for Fathers Day… Kevin Fowler… I’m not “name droppin”!! The reason I [...]


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How To Bypass Facebook Messenger CHEAT

So in my life long effort to stay as lazy as possible:) … I found a way to see my messages via the mobile Facebook app… So many people have been complaining that they didn’t [...]


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Challenge Accepted: Cowboy Dave Will Domesticate A Fish

I take a lot of pride in my love for animals and I think I’m pretty good at makin’ them feel like they are part of the family:) I LOVE our critters… but NEVER did [...]


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[UPDATE] I posted this earlier because I bought it… hook, line and sinker! I took the full meal deal because I wanted to believe it SO BAD!! Turns out… it’s a COMPLETE HOAX!! I’M SO [...]


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“Weinerman” Saves The Day! The Greatest Commercial Ever Made

Do you remember the clothing stores we used to have around here called Weiner’s?? We used to go EVERY YEAR for school clothes… well, they closed up shop for good on June 26, 2001, after [...]


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Charlie Sheen ROCKS The Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you seen all the ICE BUCKET challenge videos lately?? I personally don’t get it… Isn’t the point to NOT dump the ice and donate the money?? So why is everyone dumping the ice?? I [...]


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Woman Discovers Husbands BIGGEST Secret On Facebook

My goodness… Most of us guys can barely keep up with one of y’all lovely ladies… but this guy?? This cat has 5 wives that had no idea about one another! Look here and see [...]


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Remembering Robin Williams 1951-2014

Robin Williams will be missed in my house… we have watched EVERY movie that he has been a part of since I was old enough to enjoy ‘em! The 2 that I love the most [...]


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Patrick Murphy And Jason Allen LIVE W/Cowboy Dave

Two of our song writin’ saviors called in on the Bull After Dark to chat about this Thursdays LIVE show at Stampede Houston… Patrick Murphy And Jason Allen are co-headlining the show with Darwin Macon [...]


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Have You Seen Mirandas Mustache?

I have seen the ‘Miranda’ sign so many times while travelin from Longview to Dallas… we always hook it over on 69 and stop off in Lindale to visit some friends and to eat at [...]



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