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Cowboy Dave CBS Houston

Cowboy Dave Teams Up W/The Lone Survivor Foundation Again

Cowboy Dave has been announced as the 2015 Texas Frog Fest Host benefiting the Marcus Luttrells Lone Survivor Foundation. If you’re not familiar with the foundation… it’s AMAZING and they do great things for our […]


Cowboy Dave CBS Houston

Cowboy Dave Was Robbed!!

The Hottest Trend online (Reddit & Buzzfeed) is “CHICKEN SHOULDER”.  You snap a picture with a chicken/rooster on your shoulder and post with the hashtag #ChickenShoulder!  Some sources say Adam from “Myth Busters” started the […]


Cowboy Dave CBS Houston

Cowboy Dave & Jerry The Rooster On TV

Watch Houston’s favorite cowboy rock the screen for KHOU!


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Matthew McConaughey’s Dazed And Confused Audition Tape

If you are a fan of the movie Dazed & Confused… you’ll REALLY dig this! Pretty cool… aside from his first Big Break in 1992 in the Trisha Yearwood Video “Walkaway Joe”… Dazed & Confused […]


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Texas Mom Tries To Sell Baby On Facebook

WOW!! A new low… I never thought I would see this cross my news feed! Good Lord… what is wrong with people?? Watch this… then hug your babies… Here is what the post say’s “Baby […]



Cowboy Dave Is A New Daddy

On Saturday, we adopted our newest big boy puppy… Schultzy:) we are so lucky to have found him… We have never purchased an animal from a breeder or a puppy mill… There are WAY too […]


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How Blake Shelton Get’s Lucky With Miranda

Blake went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and in part of the interview… he gives up “how he get’s Miranda in bed” hahaha… “Happy wife, happy life” Right? We could all learn from Blake… Watch this


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JJ Watt For Texans Quarterback?

With the loss of every QB we have… the question popped up, as it ALWAYS does! “Hey… throw JJ Watt in the big spot and he will be GREAT” While I have NO DOUBT in […]


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Does JJ Watt Deserve MVP Status?

There has been a HUGE buzz all season about our buddy JJ Watt… Mostly chants of MVP… and I have to agree… watchthis video and listen to what this Skip Bayless dude has to say […]


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Did JJ Watt Moonwalk?

We’ve seen JJ do ALL KINDS of cool and amazing things… Even defy gravity and overpower giants! The guy can do it all… even MOONWALK!! Check it out by clicking here   Click here for […]