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Woman And Son Stopped By JJ Watt On Dark Street

If you were on a dark street with your child… it’s dark… a car slows to s atop and a man asks you to stop… what would you do?? Well… what if that car is […]

5 hours ago

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JJ Watt Could Be The Starting Quarterback For The Houston Texans

Before you yell at me… hear me out! I know that JJ has proven himself on both sides of the game… is it such a stretch that he could be a great quarterback? Well he […]


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[Listen] Quick Home Improvement Tips

Alright ya’ll, I was driving home from the station the other day I thinking about all the little things I wanted to change around the house. There are so many projects I have in mind, yet […]


Stoney LaRue

Stoney LaRue Arrested On Domestic Abuse Complaint

The country star is our on bond.


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Bluebell Saved By Texas Billionaire Sid Bass

It looks like our Texas treasure has been SAVED y’all… Bluebell has been struggling to make a come back and they feared that the cost would be too much to make that come back… then… […]


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UPS Driver Caught On Video Kicking Dog

Wow… I get that the dog was running at him… but I don’t think the pup looks threatening at all! Then again I’m not a UPS guy and I don’t deal with other peoples dogs […]


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Cowboy Dave’s Nasty Sunburn

HOLY COW… so there I was, puttin sun block on the kids and then I push ’em in the pool and they are yellin “Daddy JUMP IN JUMP IN”… So I did… not paying attention […]


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If You Don’t Think Pets Have Feelings, Watch This Dog’s Reaction To A Sad Scene In The Lion King!

Holy cow… I must need some sleep because I was ready to cry like a baby on this one… or maybe it was the scene from the Lion King that got me! Watch this y’all…


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Starbucks Is Raising Prices, Again

I’ve never been cool enough to be a coffee drinker… when I say that to people they look at me like I just punched a baby or something. It’s just never appealed to me like […]



Whataburger Open Carry Memo

The Truth? Is it? Do we know for sure?? Fact is… we don’t know! So why are we all posting and sharing as if it is? Don’t believe everything you read on social media y’all… […]