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Cowboy Dave

1 Tip For Making Your Woman Happy

REDNECK LOVE MAKIN’ TIP: So yesterday, our chicken coup was hit by Hurricane Louie… Louie being our 200lb pig that was scratchin his pig butt as hard as he could on the chicken pen… well… after […]



Wedding For Gwen And Blake?

So there I was, minding my own business… standin in line at HEB in Cypress with my Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, tortillas, carnitas and HEB pico… and I see THIS!! I know it’s just a […]


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Astros “Get Out of Work” Excuse Note

So… you wanna watch our Houston Astros this afternoon… but you’ve gotta WORK!! WE can help… well, Orbit can help… the AWESOME mascot for our Astros! Check it out… THey posted this on their Twitter […]


(Photo by Cowboy Dave's Brother Joey Browne)

The Top 10 Signs You Might Be From TEXAS!

I tell ya what… there are SO many things that can be added to this list! What would you add? I think anything about our unadulterated LOVE for all things Blue Bell and Whataburger.. manners… […]


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Touching Story Involving Tomball Police Officer Sgt. Jason Welch

Yesterday, I was tagged in a status update that involved a Tomball Police Officer. Here it is… So I immediately went to work to find out who this awesome officer is… Listen below to hear […]


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Should “In God We Trust” Be Removed From Patrol Cars?

If you haven’t heard… it seems that after our very own Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth was shot in an ambush at a gasoline station in suburban Houston, the Childress Police Department, along with […]


JJ Cowboy

JJ Watt Causes Saved By The Bell Reunion

Sunday was Hispanic Heritage Day at NRG Stadium… So… Mario Lopez showed up and something AMAZING HAPPENED!! For y’all kids that missed the 90’s… Mario played AC Slater on the HUGE hit Saved By The […]


(Photo Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

JJ Watt Is Looking For A Girlfriend!

The Houston Texans superstar confessed to struggling with finding Mrs. Right!


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Petition To Change 99 Grand Parkway To The JJ Watt Expressway

I know that there’s a more important street naming that needs to happen right now ‪#‎Goforth‬… but I thought this was funny and I think I’d actually support this hahaha… you? Check it out y’all […]


JJ Watt

Woman And Son Stopped By JJ Watt On Dark Street

If you were on a dark street with your child… it’s dark… a car slows to s atop and a man asks you to stop… what would you do?? Well… what if that car is […]


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