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Brad Paisley Says Divorce Is Not An Option

You’ve gotta respect a guy that comes out and says this… but Brad say’s that its just not gonna happen! I LOVE that the “scandal pages” haven’t really hit Brand and Kimberly… They have been [...]


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Is Cowboy Dave A “Match” For His Wife?

I think we talked about this a few years ago because it really came up A LOT at a 10 Man Jam… even from the artists… and last night at Stampede Houston… it seemed like [...]


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Garth Is The New KING??

I don’t think I ever knew this… I mean, I knew that Garth went exclusive with Walmart for a while… but did you know that you have NEVER been able to buy Garth’s music digitally?? [...]



No Smoking In Houston Parks

Personally… I’m a fan of this… only because I think some people aren’t respectable or responsible enough to dispose of those “butts” properly and it could set the place a blaze… but then again I’ve [...]


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Cowboy Dave’s Mother In Law CPS Update

If you missed the story last night on THE BULL AFTER DARK… here it is! Your comments, suggestions and support last night… that’s what being a Texan is all about right there… and I [...]



Cowboy Daves Mother In Law Is Calling CPS… Again

The ONLY reason I’m posting this is because how SILLY I think it is… Do you remember the last time?? Here it is… THIS time… it’s because of 2 images I posted on FB [...]


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Wanna Watch Shania Dance?

Remember the rumors of Shania doing ‘Playboy’? Well that fell flat on it’s face… these rumors seem to be a little more solid. Rumor has it… Shania may be hookin’ up with the cast of [...]


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Cowboy Dave Invents New Selfie

Do y’all remember the Cowboy/Duck selfie? The Cowboy/Crab selfie? The Cowboy/Cody selfie? The Cowboy/Kevin selfie? The Cowboy/Camel Selfie? Holy cow there are so many… there is a Cowboy/pig/cat/bird/horse… the list goes on!! BUT… THis one [...]


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Tim McGraw Speaks Out

Tim has finally decided to defend himself in the “Tim slapped a chic at a show” deal… TMZ posted a video from Tim’s last show in Atlanta where it looked like the female fan was [...]



[PICS]Cowboy Dave’s Pants Fell Off

Soooo it’s Friday… and I get here at the radio station after business hours… so sometimes I come in wearin’ shorts and flip flops… Today is one of those days! I came in with my [...]