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Tropical Storm Cindy High Water Locations 6/22/2017

Considering last night’s “non-event” with “tropical storm Cindy” it’s amazing that the local news outlets are still “tracking” her! Just so ya know… we do have some flooded roads and some mud on the roads […]

19 hours ago

Bolivar Under Voluntary Evacuation- Locals Not Concerned! “This Is TEXAS!”

We were laughin’ our butts off this mornin’ hearing some of the local Bolivar interviews on KHOU 11 News. It’s just further proof that we really do have that “COME AND TAKE IT” attitude here […]


Stop Snuggling With Chickens (It Could Kill You)

Or at least make you really sick according to the CDC! Chickens: The pet that poops breakfast! That’s still probably my favorite shirt! It’s true though… my girls lay scrumptious eggs and they are FREE!! […]


Chipotle Is Giving Nurses Free Burritos Today

I think we all know someone thats a nurse… It’s a pretty dang tough gig that I’m glad I don’t have to do because I don’t think I have what it takes . This is […]


Over 700,000 lbs Of Chef Boyardee Products Recalled

It looks like 700,125 lbs of my favorite childhood lunch has been recalled! Conagra Foods various brands of spaghetti and meatballs are being recalled because of a misbranding issue. These particular products have milk in […]


Brilliant Parenting Or Bad Dad?

Alright!! Before you yell at me and call the kid cops… I’ve always let the kids do whatever they wanna do to their hair during summer vacation! As soon as school starts back up it’s […]


Breaking News: Waller County 5 Year Old Precious Valdez FOUND!

PRAISE THE LORD!! Missing Waller County girl FOUND!!


How To Properly Remove A Tick In Texas

How do you properly and safely remove ticks from your body? Here’s how y’all! You NEED to know this!


Houston Papa Johns Donate All Proceeds Today To Asst Chief Deputy Greenwoods Family

This is incredible and a great way to help our fallen hero’s family! Check it out y’all- Cowboy Dave


*SECRET RODEO BATHROOM* The BEST Bathroom You Never Knew About

Seriously… the best bathroom you didn’t know about at Rodeo Houston!


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