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What Was The First Thing JJ Watt Bought With His Millions?

Lemme tell ya somethin’… Being a TRUE local/native of Houston… born at Ben Taub hospital and raised in Magnolia by God Texas… it brings me a LOT of pride and Texas sized smiles to see [...]


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Meet All Of Cowboy Dave’s Critters

Being a 5th generation Texan… born in Houston and growin’ up in Magnolia… I never really thought anything of livin in a house fulla animals! I know most people might have a few dogs and [...]


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DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks

HAHA!! Holy cow… errr… duck! I grew up a HUGE Duck Tales kid… I have even bought every season available on DVD for my kiddos and we JUST got the Wii U game last week! [...]



Sons Of Anarchy Spoiler

I’m a HUGE fan of SOA… have been since the premier… we Sons fans are a STRONG, OPINIONATED and FIERCE bunch… just like the characters we LOVE! BUT… Life sometimes get’s in the way of [...]


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The Best First Date

I’m not gonna lie… I cried like a 6’4 250 lb BABY just now in the Bull Studios! This might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen… I LOVE IT!! Me and my baby girl [...]


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Actress Betty White 92 Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home HOAX

If that headline got you… it got me too!! I was ready to break down over a woman I’ve never met… She’s like my TV mom… I love her:) It’s a good thing Betty has [...]


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JJ Watt Makes NFL History

Earlier… my bud Nick Russo reported on the new JJ Watt contract deal… you can see that here… We now know… according to ESPN… His guaranteed $51.8 million that he will get through the [...]


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The Most Redneck Pic Ever?

For a while… I thought Colt Ford might be the BIGGEST redneck I know… That was until a man gave me a chicken for Fathers Day… Kevin Fowler… I’m not “name droppin”!! The reason I [...]


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How To Bypass Facebook Messenger CHEAT

So in my life long effort to stay as lazy as possible:) … I found a way to see my messages via the mobile Facebook app… So many people have been complaining that they didn’t [...]


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Challenge Accepted: Cowboy Dave Will Domesticate A Fish

I take a lot of pride in my love for animals and I think I’m pretty good at makin’ them feel like they are part of the family:) I LOVE our critters… but NEVER did [...]



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