Greg Thunder

greg Greg Thunder

Greg Thunder

Birthday: August 28

Hometown: Hastings, MN.

College: University of Minnesota / Brown College

How long here: Since November, 2010

How long in radio business: I think I originally worked with real dinosaurs!

Coolest person here: Moola the Cash Cow

What I love about Houston: The Food & People

Favorite four-letter word: BEER

Favorite people to interview: Anyone who is fully engaged while being interviewed and having fun with it. Carrie Underwood was suprisingly fun and cool! Nobody better than Dolly Parton.

What I’m mostly known for: Being the nice guy and the voice of reason

Favorite artists: George Strait, Eric Church, Def Leppard, Johnny Cash, Fowler, Motley Crue. Alan Jackson, Journey

Favorite music experiences: Love the KILT 10 Man Jam, Saw Garth in Nashville, The Rolling Stones at Shea Stadium, Prince at Madison Square Garden, U2 a number of times.

Other talents: I can drink a beer faster than anyone in Texas.

More: Greg Thunder grew up along the Mississippi River in Minnesota. He attended the University of Minnesota where he was on the men’s swim team and broke several Big 10 records. Not in swimming, the Big 10 was a beer joint around the corner of the dormitory and the drinking age was 18. Greg took that expertise with his throat and began a career in broadcasting that landed him gigs in New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and the Twin Cities.

Greg loves to play golf, read, travel, go to shows, and make friends with people who own swimming pools.

About his feelings for Houston, Greg says, “Of all the places I’ve lived, the most neighborly, down-to-earth, friendliest and real people live in Texas. My goal is to try and not to screw that up now that I’m here!”


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