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Cowboy Dave Kelley

Birthday: January 12, 1979 at BenTaub Hospital right here in Houston

Nickname: Cowboy Dave

Hometown: Magnolia, Texas

College: UT/Lonestar College Tomball

High school: Magnolia High School Class of 97… I’m a proud Magnolia Bulldog

How long here: Since 2009… but have listened since birth!!

How long in radio business: Since 1997 when I was 17dave1 Cowboy Dave

Coolest person here: It’s hard to pick just one… Lot’s of cool peeps here at KILT

What I love about Houston: It’s my stompin’ grounds… my HOME and I’ve got friends around every corner!! It’s the greatest city in the world

Favorite four-letter word: Taco… or TEXA….S… or LONE and STAR or BEER

Favorite people to interview: Brandon Rhyder, Garth, Mike Miller of Miller Row, Stoney Larue

What I’m mostly known for: Big, hairy, tall, loud… kinda smell like burritos and WD40

Experience/credibility: I’m not sure what that word means… are you asking for my credit score… because it’s 2.

Favorite artists: Brandon Rhyder, ZZ Top, Pantera, Willie, Waylon, Ragweed, Mark Chesnutt, Ozzy, Skynyrd, Garth and lots of 80s hair metal…

Signature phrases: Are you gonna eat that?

Few favorite music experiences: Well… Brandon Rhyder played my wedding and that was AWESOME! Touring with Skynyrd and ZZ Top was amazing, meeting almost every hero I’ve ever had is so cool and I’m very lucky! Meeting Phil Anselmo from Pantera was life changing and seeing Keith Urban sit in front of me with his acoustic and belt out 3 of my favorite tunes was a dream come true.

Other talents: I’ve played the guitar since I was 5. And I’m good at fishing.

Family info: I’m luckily married to an amazing woman… the mother of my 2 wonderful kids… Christi… why she chose me I’ll never know! Our 2 kiddos Christiana and Cody are both attend Williams Elementary in my hometown… Magnolia… we live there as well!

More: I’m a proud Texan… I’m very proud of where I come from… I love Magnolia and Houston… Texas is the greatest State in the country! As Fowler puts it… I’m a HELL bent 100% Texan ‘til I die!! I live on a 110 acre farm with just about every native animal to Texas living with me… Including our Duck that lives INSIDE with us and even sleeps in the bed with the wife and I… Quackers is awesome! We go fishin in our pond everyday… I’m thinkin my son Cody will be a pro fisherman by the time he’s 10. My little girl Christiana is our resident veterinarian… she brings home turtles, frogs, dogs and even a stray calf once… I have a great family and am so grateful to call 100.3 KILT home!

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