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Corey Dillon is more than just your typical guy in Houston with an average beard, at best. He’s quite possibly the most passionate radio personality in the Lone Star State. When he isn’t preparing or talking on-air you can catch him watching the game at a sports bar, catching concerts from small venues to NRG, trying local grub and breweries (please send me recommendations!!!), or walking along the Buffalo Bayou pondering life’s toughest questions, for example, is eating a hot-dog on a bun actually a sandwich?

His Texas two-step is in need of some improvement, so if you see him on the dance floor making a fool of himself, don’t hesitate to show him a thing or two. In the grand scheme of things he only hopes his love of music and over-preparation for his 5 hour show will lead to your entertainment….and maybe satisfy his own obsession of talking into the microphone. You can hear him hosting The Bull After Dark 7pm to Midnight weeknights on 100.3 The Bull.

8-Year-Old Genius Explains The Craziness Of The Total Solar Eclipse

I couldn’t imagine being as smart as this kid at 8 years old, I mean or as an adult either. He’s studying physics at a University level and I talk on the radio. The eclipse […]

2 hours ago

New 2017 NFL Bud Light Cans Are Awesome And Include Team Slogans

Last year Bud Light and 27 teams in the BFL came to a deal to have their team logos on limited edition cans. This year they stepped it up a notch, with the logos, a […]


Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Features Chick-Fil-A But Will Remain Closed For Sunday Home Games

The Atlanta Falcons are getting a brand new state-of-the-art stadium that will feature Chick-Fil-A. The only problem is the restaurant is going to keep their tradition of staying closed on Sundays, which means no spicy […]


Game Of Thrones Best Twitter Reactions From Episode 5

The 5th episode of the season aired on Sunday night, and I didn’t watch until this afternoon, so I had to wait before posting some of the best twitter reactions around to the episode titled […]


Taco Bell Releasing A Burrito With Pop Rocks?!

Taco Bell has been one fast food chain that is not afraid to go outside the box with their creations! And their latest burrito is proof of that. For a limited time at four locations […]


Little League Player Has Hilarious Fun Fact On TV Screen

Normally, kids in the Little League World Series will have little facts like favorite baseball player or favorite food posted on the screen when they come up to bat. Not the shortstop from Vermont, Ben […]


Dustin Lynch Give Details On His Upcoming Album And Tour, Which Includes A Stop In Houston

Dustin Lynch’s third studio album ‘Current Mood’ is set to be released on September 8th and he also shared some details of a headlining tour in support of the album. “Love Me or Leave Me […]


This Mash-Up Of Game Of Thrones And ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Is Perfection

Game of Thrones and ‘Ice Ice Baby’ are perfect together with winter coming and all, right? I have always been a big fan of these mash-ups regardless of the songs or characters, but this one […]


Houston Texan Vince Wilfork Calls It A Career With Funny Retirement Video

Vince Wilfork most recently with the Houston Texans, and formerly of the New England Patriots announced his retirement earlier today. But of course, he did it in true Vince Wilfork style, hanging up the cleats […]


Hilarious Responses From The Internet After Last Night’s Game Of Thrones Episode

Game of Thrones is probably my favorite thing in the world right now, and just behind that has become all the twitter reactions from people on the internet during and after all of these episodes. […]



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