Corey Dillon

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Corey Dillon is more than just your typical guy in Houston with an average beard, at best. He’s quite possibly the most passionate radio personality in the Lone Star State. When he isn’t preparing or talking on-air you can catch him watching the game at a sports bar, catching concerts from small venues to NRG, trying local grub and breweries (please send me recommendations!!!), or walking along the Buffalo Bayou pondering life’s toughest questions, for example, is eating a hot-dog on a bun actually a sandwich?

His Texas two-step is in need of some improvement, so if you see him on the dance floor making a fool of himself, don’t hesitate to show him a thing or two. In the grand scheme of things he only hopes his love of music and over-preparation for his 5 hour show will lead to your entertainment….and maybe satisfy his own obsession of talking into the microphone. You can hear him hosting The Bull After Dark 7pm to Midnight weeknights on 100.3 The Bull.

[Watch] Biggest Punch Of The Night Thrown After The Boxing Match

This boxing match ended with a controversial punch, but that was only the beginning! Jose Uzcategui drilled Andre Dirrell end of round 8 but may have been split second after bell, and ended up being […]

21 hours ago

Free Tacos During The NBA Finals

Now I know there are about a million places to get tacos in the Houston area that are delicious, but Taco Bell is offering something that hits me where it matters, the wallet! FREE Doritos […]

22 hours ago

SNL With The Perfect Fidget Spinner

You’d give her the sun, the moon, the stars, but for now, give her something to distract her, the diamond encrusted Fidget Spinner.

22 hours ago

Puppy Tickled To Sleep Literally

There’s not a better way to start you weekend than with the cutest puppy video ever. P.S. this is totally me, if you’re tickling me when I’m laying down I am passing out in under […]


[Watch] Classic Will Ferrell Is Back

[NSFW] This is what I have been waiting for! How many classics has Will Ferrell hit us with? Old School, Anchorman, Step Brothers, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights, and many more. And that’s not including […]


[Watch] The Internet Having Fun With Suspect Putting The Moves On Cop In Pursuit Before Being Caught

Police chases are almost always must see TV, and this one definitely is. Of course he gets caught in the end but not before he gets one officer good. You know tomorrow at the station […]


[Watch] Fight Breaks Out Between Parents At A High School Graduation

I mean let’s be honest, at least this wasn’t another boring long drawn out graduation. Apparently, the cause of this beef? Saving seats! Nothing like teaching these soon to be college freshman a lesson on […]


[Watch] George W. Bush’s Casual Photobomb At Baseball Game

I guess it’s more of a videobomb but whatever, you got to love seeing a little personality of a former President at a ballgame. I mean really, at this point, he’s been the leader of the […]


Fidget Spinner’s Are Now Taking Over Barbershops

Well it’s 2017 and instead of getting numbers, sports, or something else shaved into your head, you get fidget spinners on your head. I honestly don’t know how to feel about this, but it happened. […]


[Watch] Shotgunning A Beer On A Whole New Level

I am not sure you can ever outdo the traditional stabbing a beer with a key or knife, cracking it open, and chugging that beer down in about 3 seconds and getting half off it […]



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