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Christiana and Cody on Disney Magic

Being A Mom Is A Tough Job

Check out this VIDEO! You won’t believe they’re describing the work of a Mother…



Does Anyone Else Miss Their Kids Being Babies?

Wow… ever stumble across something that IMMEDIATELY takes you back in time? I was watching a video on YouTube and one of the ‘recommended” videos on the side of the screen was one of my […]


(Photo Credit: Cowboy Dave/ CBS Houston)

[VIDEO] This Dude Shoots A Tree… The Tree Hits Back!

As a buncha rednecks… we’ve ALL done it… Ya shoot at cans, trees, beer bottles, old lawn mowers… you know what I mean! Look what happens to this dude!


Cowboy Dave/CBS Radio Houston

[HILAIOUS VIDEO] Instant Redneck Karma

Ever had road rage? I can say… YES… Yes I have!! I don’t so much anymore these days… and after seeing this video, I can see why it’s just NOT WORTH IT!! I will say […]


Cowboy Dave/CBS Radio Houston

Who Sang It First? Luke Bryan: “Play It Again”

We all love Luke Bryan here on the show and we can all agree that he’s probably the NICEST dude outta Nashville! It’s never been a secret that hardly anyone that has a hit on […]


(Johan ORDONEZ        (Photo credit should read JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

[AMAZING VIDEO] Was Jesus At The Houston Apartment Fire On Tuesday?

Yesterday I noticed a post from a friend on my Facebook page… it read like this? Wow… I can’t believe the comments I saw on her YouTube video… Comments like- “LOL thank Jesus? what a […]


Cowboy Dave/CBS Radio Houston

[VIDEO] Cowboy Dave’s Son Becomes A Man At 7 Years Old

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day in South East Texas and I wasn’t gonna let it go to waste. So, naturally I ended up on the boat with my newly uploaded Waylon Jennings boxed set… Before […]



[VIDEO]Cowboy Dave Found A Superstar In The Shadow Of The Astrodome

Over the past 2 weeks… I’ve had the AMAZING honor of being a judge for the 2014 Rodeo Rock Star competition. The 2014 Rodeo Rockstar, was all about our LOCAL non-professional competitors showcasing their musical […]


Cowboy Dave CBS Radio Houston

[HOUSTON VIDEO]The Most Vicious Dog Fight Ever Caught On Video

Over the weekend, this amazing video was captured in Cowboy Dave’s hometown of Magnolia, TX! We are ALL HUGE animal lovers and once we saw this EXCLUSIVE video… we HAD to share it with you. […]


Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Is Cowboy Daves New Hero

I JUST saw this video for the first time today… It’s from sometime last year but I’ve gotta share it with y’all! Any dude that treats kiddos like this… is good in my book… not […]