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CBS' "The Bold And The Beautiful" Showcase On "The Price Is Right"

The Price Is Right Announcer Wronged (video)

A FAIL for George Gray,  “The Price Is Right” announcer fell while on a Treadmill…ouch! The accident happened when he was jogging on a treadmill, backwards! The treadmill was a prize during a game called […]


(Photo credit  MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey’s Dazed And Confused Audition Tape

If you are a fan of the movie Dazed & Confused… you’ll REALLY dig this! Pretty cool… aside from his first Big Break in 1992 in the Trisha Yearwood Video “Walkaway Joe”… Dazed & Confused […]


2012 Arizona Country Thunder Music Festival - Day 1

Wade Bowen On Conan (video)

We’ll give Wade some time to come up with the words to describe what it was like performing on Conan Monday.  He was speechless by the time it came up on social media…understandably. In other […]



[VIDEO] Dog Rides Bus By Herself

Today on Good Morning America I saw this video of a dog that rides the city bus in Seattle all by herself. If you’re a dog lover like myself, you have to watch this.


Ma Lin of China returns a service to Kai

Ping Pong Balls + Mouse Traps Created A Spectacular Reaction (Video)

Ever tried to explain social media to your grandparents and couldn’t… make them watch this!    



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