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WATCH: David Nail Has A “Secret” (Video)

Our buddy David Nail just dropped an acoustic version of “The Secret”


Washington mayor Adrian Fenty drives a S

WATCH: Smart Car Vs. Mustang Drag Race! (Surprising Video)

Seen any of these on Rankin? Or at Royal Purple?      


Taylor Swift in the Mark Romanek-directed clip for "Shake it Off" (Big Machine Records/UMG)

Is Taylor Swift’s New Video Racist?

Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Shake it Off’ may not be a country song, but it’s certainly a darn good one. This catchy tune has even sparked some controversy that the video is racist. We’ll let you watch and decide.


(Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

“Weinerman” Saves The Day! The Greatest Commercial Ever Made

Do you remember the clothing stores we used to have around here called Weiner’s?? We used to go EVERY YEAR for school clothes… well, they closed up shop for good on June 26, 2001, after […]


A grouper swims at the Turkuazoo,Turkey'

Giant Grouper Swallows 4 FT. Shark In A Single Bite (Crazy Video)

Where is this grouper’s mother, she should be telling him to take smaller bites…he could get choked!



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