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90’s Disney Song Mashup [Video]

Mo here – I am obsessed with 90’s Disney movies and 90’s R&B.  So imagine how excited I was to run across this MASHUP.  Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast and more – all […]


Tim McGraw shotgun rider promo

[Video] Official Trailer For Tim McGraw’s New Movie “Tomorrowland”

Tim McGraw is doing some more acting these days. On May 22nd the Disney release, “Tomorrowland” will hit theaters. Tim appears to have a smaller role in the film, which also stars George Clooney. Check out the official trailer.


Carrie Underwood

Check Out The Carrie Underwood DJ Earworm Mashup

DJ Earworm is great at creating mashups. Typically he mashes up the most popular pop songs, but this time he served up a great mash up of Carrie Underwood’s greatest hits.


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[Watch] New Extended “Jurassic World” movie trailer

Okay, each time a new “Jurassic World” trailer comes out, I hold my breath…hoping that it won’t show something that makes it suck.  And so far, I have been reward for my blue-faced belief in […]


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Texas Prom-posal goes Viral

A story like this shouldn’t go unheard! A young, special needs girl in Natalia, Texas thought she was going outside for a fire drill and ended up having her biggest crush ask her to the […]