[VIDEO] New Star Luke Combs Covers Brooks & Dunn - and it's AWESOME!He will be here for our "KEMAH CONCERT SERIES" on July 12th (get more details here)
THE LATEST: Snortable Chocolate, Yes We Said Snortable Chocolate!It supposed to be "mood lifting and muscle-relaxing" DETAILS INSIDE!
BONUS #CanIGetAnAmen: Mickey & Minnie Melt Our Heart By Signing With Deaf Child [VIDEO]Watch The Little Boy's Surprise When Sign Him Back!
Bumming Gas Money for Stolen Ferrari And More - It's Stupider Than GeorgeFolks Who Are a Few Tacos Short Of A Fiesta Platter!!
Couples Married During This Month Most Likely To Cheat [Survey Breakdown Here] "It's clear that wedding months have something to do with the predisposition to have an affair..."
Ten-year-old Texas Boy Invents Device To Prevent Babies Dying In Hot Cars - #CanIGetAnAmenProud Of This Pint-Sized Einstein From The Lone Star State!
Houston Homeowner Calls About Alligator....Turns Out To Be Lizard [Photos]The Morning Bull Show Talks With "GATOR GIRL" Christy Kroboth About It!
Location, Location, Location - NASA finds 10 New "Earth-Like" Planets! [Video]Ready to Book A Trip To The "Goldilocks Zone"??
Teen Almost Gets Finger Amputated Because Of Fidget Spinner [Video]Another Warning For Kids and Parents - These simple toys are causing problems again!
MISSED CONNECTIONS: Peaches, Victoria's (Real) Secret, Sniffing Washing Powder
Texas Opens "World's First Fully Accessible Splash Park" #CanIGetAnAmenWaterpark in San Antonio has ONE IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE From Other Parks!
Here’s To Give as a Wedding Gift in Every State - Texas Was HOW MUCH???Arkansas is a modest $73, the lowest - Vermont is highest at a whopping $245!

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