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Eight Things You Could Be Looking At Besides Your Phone

This may seem weird…but I made it a point today to look around at how many people I saw looking at their phones. I kept my phone in my pocket and looked around at all […]

3 hours ago

The new 2010 Toyota Sienna is displayed

Car Maker Makes Yelling At Your Kids Easier!

No more turning your head around or looking over your shoulder while in traffic, just to put your children in check… thanks to Toyota! In the 2015 Sienna mini-van, they equipped it with a microphone […]

3 hours ago


Bird Uses Bread As Bait To Fish (Un-believable Video)

Have you ever seen anything like this?

5 hours ago

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[Video] Things You Can Do Only If You’re A Toddler!!

This is HI-LARIOUS!! If you want a good laugh then you need to watch this video of the things that you can only do and get away with if you’re a toddler!

8 hours ago

Photo courtesy of: Broken Bow Records

(Pics) Is This Evidence Of Jason Aldean Snubbing His Girlfriend Brittnany Kerr?

While checking out a picture of Jason Aldean on his Instagram account day drinking at Buffalo Wild Wings in Nashville with Kenny Chesney, something occurred to me. I wondered where his girlfriend Brittany Kerr was. […]

11 hours ago