20 Reasons Texas Is Better Than… Everywhere

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(Photo Credit: Shelley Wood/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Shelley Wood/Getty Images)

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1. Our Texas economy is as strong as the Alamo… and the rest of the country is in the dump!

2. We are the home to the prettiest ladies in the WORLD!!

3. You get to say you live in the same state that makes Dr. Pepper…

4. You can eat food from all over the world, and not leave Houston.

5. We’ve got H.E.B… nuff said

6. Austin’s home to the world’s best BBQ and sells more than any other city in America and them folks at PETA say it’s the country’s best place to be vegan! HAHA SHUTUP!!

7. That feelin’ of pure Texas bliss and pride that ya getwhile driving under that beautiful blue Texas sky.

8. EVERYBODY knows and loves their neighbors.

9. Even if you don’t live near a high school… you can hear the screams from at least one High School football game on a Friday night.

10. There ain’t a party anywhere in the world like the Rodeo Houston

11. When you’re on a road trip here in Texas… you get to use Buc-ee’s bathrooms and stuff beaver nuggets down yer neck!

12. A little bit of Texican in your English makes ever’body sound sexier.

13. We all know a few people that are exactly like our family on King of the Hill.

14. Queso, The most beautiful of things to dip all your food in! Makes EVERYTHING better.

15. Our local grown country music…Waylon, Willie and George Strait just to name a few!

16. The best Mexican food in the world! FACT

17. That awesome moment ya hear someone say “I’ll take a coke.” And the person takin the order says “what kind?” and the customer says “Dr Pepper”

18. You can find our beautiful Lone Star state flag on just about EVERYTHING!! Cars, Trucks, Street signs, people, babies, barns

19. Out here you will NEVER meet a stranger.

20. You get to live in the state with the most pride and for good reason, WHY?? because THIS IS TEXAS!!

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