See What Was In A Toddlers Room That Freaked This Mom Out!


I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I found this in my room, let alone a baby’s room.


A mom in Michigan went into her 21 month-old toddler’s room and noticed something.  She thought at first she thought that it was a bunch of string. However, right before she grabbed it, she realized it was alive!   Turns out, one of the world’s largest spiders, the Huntsman spider, was camped out in her child’s room.

She dropped a book in it and had her parents come in to see what it was.  Never seeing such a thing before they were thinking it could be dangerous.   They talked with a local pet store that was able to tell her that giant spider wasn’t dangerous to humans or poisonous.

The Huntsman spider is native to Australia and lives in warmer climate.  There’s still no idea how the spider ended up in Shelby Township, MI.

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