5 Toys From Your Childhood That Are Worth Serious Cash

Okay, it’s time to go searching through the old toy boxes! I remember my first giant toy box…it was the talk of the town and all the kids would want to come over to see it! It was a quarter of the size of my room…it was intense. Most of these were in it…but I’m not sure where it is anymore…probably in a lumber pile somewhere.


1) Teddy Ruxspin – The friendliest bear you ever did meet! – I definitely had one but he’s likely in pieces somewhere thanks to an overactive¬†dachshund.


2) Tamagotchi – These were the little key chain pets that you had to feed and maintain or else they’d die and be a total waste of money. I had one and I kept it alive for a couple weeks….the battery went dead and now it’s in the trash. If I had only known it would be worth $400.00 now!


3) Pokemon Cards – I wasn’t a big enough dork to keep up with these but some of the rare ones could be worth more than $5000 bucks!!


4) The Original Jurassic Park Figures – If you still have a T-Rex doll laying around…preferably in the box and not dismembered…it’s worth major cash right now! It might even pay your mortgage for the month!


5) Polly Pocket – I’m sure there’s a hoarder out there somewhere who has one of these laying around! Upwards of $400 bucks for one in great condition! Heads up! Clean out that back room and find it!¬†


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