Facebook’s Memorial Day Miracle

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Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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While most people are gathering with the family or preparing for a big bbq or enjoying some relaxing time off for the Memorial Day Weekend…Facebook rolled out their newest proximity feature. This feature is a little uncanny and has some good and bad points that could change Mobile Facebook usage forever!

I use Facebook quite a bit, probably more than I should but I’ve cut way back. Mostly I like to be inspiring or funny and I try to keep most of my personal life off the site. (As should you!) Inside A Lenovo Group Store As Company Reports 25 Percent Jump In Fourth-Quarter Profit

But I digress, I logged on with my phone a couple of minutes ago and noticed there was a new update that will now show me when friends are nearby and how far they are from me….everything short of a map with a step by step route! I have to admit..I’ve seen this technology recently with a dating site app I’ve been using called “Tinder”. (Don’t judge, I’m new to Houston and making friends…) Anyway, this app allows you to find people looking for dates within your area.

The first thing I thought was…this could be cool but then I instantly thought how creepy it was….I mean, I add people who might be friends of friends that I’ve never met before from time to time….I try to be restrictive but it’s pretty difficult. You never know who is spam or a fabricated profile.

With that said..this is kinda crazy! I would suggest that ladies turn theirs

(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

off..I’ve seen the spectrum of crazy I’ve seen on some of your pictures from dudes who see Facebook like a fishing pond of women’s pictures. Now, if you know you have a very select group of friends and you think this could be beneficial if you’re around an old friend from high school you haven’t seen but what are the odds…really…not that good!

Another positive would be for family members or parents to keep track of their kids or if someone is actually interested in finding a date on Facebook…Lord knows with some of the posts we see some people are searching for love hoping Mr. Right has already hit the confirm button.



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