Trace Adkins Fights A Trace Adkins Impersonator

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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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TRACE ADKINS fell off the wagon in the worst way yesterday by getting drunk and mixing it up with a real live Trace Adkins impersonator.

It happened during the “Country Cruising” cruise in the Caribbean.

Trace and his impersonator “got physical” during a karaoke session.  No photos have surfaced, yet . . . but we should all collectively cross our fingers and hope that someone on the cruise posts a video.

Anyway, Trace left the ship when it reached Jamaica and he checked into rehab.  (By all accounts, Trace had been stone sober since spending 28 days in an alcohol rehabilitation program in 2002.) 

His rep told, “Trace has entered a treatment facility after a setback in his battle with alcoholism.  As he faces these issues head-on, we ask that his family’s privacy will be respected.”

Trace’s performances on the ship have been canceled.  The cruise features over 20 country acts, including Montgomery Gentry, Wynonna, and Craig Morgan.

Trace actually MET the impersonator back in 2007 and they got along fine.

Here’s a photo if you would like to see both Trace’s side by side!


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