Miranda Lambert Encourages Women To Be ‘Normal’

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Greg Thunder
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You will see a story on the shelves this week about Miranda, and she has addressed it directly on her website.

A couple of weeks ago, many people noticed she had lost some weight and looked great at the CMA’s. When asked about her weight loss, she said she wanted to drop some pounds before she turning 30 ’cause it’s all downhill from there.

Read that interview from People.

Specifically, she said, “Just finding a new spot in my life and working hard. I didn’t give up a lot really. Just Cheetos mostly!” That’s great! Good for her.

Now, the nasty tabloids are trying to take that achievement away from her by spreading rumors of weight loss surgery. Miranda stood up for herself by announcing, “I DID NOT have surgery to lose weight.”

Miranda and Blake are always in the magazines with outrageous scandals of cheating and rumors of pregnancies, but this rumor stepped over a line. She’s not letting them steal her thunder, and I don’t blame her.

When you work your butt off (literally) you want to be recognized for it. Way to stand up for us “normal” women Miranda! Lastly, from Miranda herself, “I am proud to be a normal size girl and I want to encourage everyone to be confident at any size.”

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