How Do You Annoy Your House Guests?

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Greg Thunder
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CBS Radio Houston

CBS Radio Houston

There’s a fine line between being a BAD HOST and having guests that are TOO DEMANDING. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s just say it falls on the host to make sure guests are happy.

A new survey came up with the top 11 things guests find annoying when they visit your home.

1. When the host is TEXTING instead of talking to them.

2. Not enough toilet paper.

3. When the host engages in public displays of affection.

4. Being left alone for too long.

5. Not being offered a drink.

6. Getting stuck outside in the cold with no one answering the door.

7. Fighting off pets.

8. Not being introduced to strangers.

9. When it’s too hot or too cold.

10. Being told to take off their shoes.

11. Being forced to play a board game.

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