Hillary Scott Explains Baby Lady A’s Name

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Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott’s 4-month-old daughter has a very unusual name … Eisele Kaye. During a recent interview with People, Hillary reveals that the name was a last minute decision and not something they had picked out.

Hillary tells the magazine that it wasn’t until after she gave birth that she and her husband decided on the name.

“I had felt like the instant I saw her, I would know exactly what her name was — there would be no question,” Hillary told People.

“She had probably been out of the womb 20 to 30 minutes before we decided for sure. After she was born, I was looking at Chris going, ‘What’s her name?!'” she says. “Once he said it, then I knew. I had felt that all along, but I needed him to feel it too.”

Hillary says the name worked out beautifully because it honors both sides of the family – Eisele Kaye combines Hillary’s mother’s maiden name and Chris’ mom’s middle name.

As for the name, there’s another reason the pair love it, it sounds musical.

“We love how it sounds kind of musical, it has a sing-song sound to it,” Hillary explained. “It floats in a pretty, musical way.”

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