Brutal Truth: ‘My Girlfriend’s Roommate Is A Possible Deal-Breaker’

Dear Foley & Thunder,

“I need the brutal truth. I have been dating this amazing woman. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now. We haven’t said the “L” word yet, but I think I could really fall in for this woman. She makes me laugh, we share the same views, and she’s very independent. There’s a BUT coming…

I hate going over to her place because her room mate is CREEPY! She is super nosy and follows me around the town-home. She sits entirely too close to me on the couch. I have caught her staring. She’s bugging me. I feel like she’s two clicks from Single White Female. I am waiting for her to stab me with a stiletto. Should I throw away an amazing woman because of her roommate?”

Look at that… a man is asking for help!

Corey thinks it’s too soon to move in with each other, but maybe a quick solution would be to just stop going to her place.

Is it possible for your room mate to sabotage your relationship?


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