What IS That On Cee-Lo’s Head? [VIDEO]

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(Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

What was that on Cee Lo’s head last night in the season five debut of The Voice on NBC?

Although Cee Lo has a few permanent tattoos, the one that covered his head is apparently just Henna ink which can last anywhere from one to four weeks.

“I think that the tree on my back gave me the most pain,” he told Q magazine in 2011. “When you get your arms done…if you can see what’s going on, then maybe, psychologically, you think you can control it. Apparently you can because it doesn’t hurt so bad.”

“With your back, you’re lying on your front getting the tattoo and you just feel totally out of control,” he added. “You can’t get a gauge on whether they’re close to completion, so I gave up on it and I have an unfinished tattoo on my back.”

According to Green, “It was meant to be a family tree; I haven’t been in a rush to finish it.”

Take a look!

Or watch here!

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