Toby Keith Announces New Album ‘Drinks After Work’

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Toby Keith

Toby Keith (Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Shock Ink)

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Toby Keith’s current country single “Drinks After Work” is now also the title of his latest album, the singer announced today.

During an interview with this summer, Keith hinted that the song might wind up being the title “because [it's] a big song, but it might not. You never know.” Well, now we finally do know. Drinks After Work, the Oklahoma singer’s 17th studio album, is set for release October 29.

The album includes ten songs; a deluxe edition will feature three bonus tracks, including a version of “Margaritaville” that features Sammy Hagar, and the song “Chuckie’s Gone,” a tribute to Keith’s late bandleader and bass player Chuck Goff, who was killed in a car accident earlier this year.

Among the album’s tracks is “Before We Knew They Were Good,” a song that Keith described as being “about kids growing up becoming special people in life.” And as he explained it, his grandmother was a key inspiration. “My grandmother was really close to me and a real mentor to me.” He was one of five kids, and “watching us run around her house when we were little, the whole idea of this song is like that. ‘They were great before we knew they were good.’ You just never know who’s going to grow up to be what.”

Keith also taked about a song called “Last Living Cowboy In This Town,” which he said is “more along the stuff that I normally do.” The song is “about this old man that’s in the modern day and he’s still hanging on to the last century values and fashion, and it’s comical.”

A duet with Jimmy Buffett that Keith mentioned, a “crazy party song” called “Too Drunk To Karaoke,” didn’t make the cut (Keith was unsure at the time if it would), but a version does appear on Buffett’s new album.

And of course there’s the title track, a song that Keith said “just landed in my lap.”

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