A Girl Sounds Like Whales While Crying On A Voicemail [AUDIO]

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Our Greg Thudner  just can’t get over this girl. We don’t know if this real or not, but it’s incredibly funny.

It seems as though this poor girl is going through a break-up and she’s taking it pretty rough. One tip I can give any girl is never leave too long of a voice mail, and don’t cry on the phone. You sound ridiculous and it won’t change a guy’s mind.

We mashed her up with some audio from Finding Nemo which makes me chuckle even more. It’s kind of perfect!

Here’s the original audio from YouTube, just in case you missed it all morning long.

spacer1 A Girl Sounds Like Whales While Crying On A Voicemail [AUDIO]

Now check out the mash-up!

Tell me I’m not the only one who could listen to this everyday and laugh out loud every time!

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