The Average Guy Uses $350 Of THIS A Year!

According to a new survey by a cosmetics website called, men use $350 worth of their wife or girlfriend’s beauty products a year.

Wanna know the MOST COMMON used products by men?

46% of women say that their partner uses their cosmetics on a daily basis . . . with moisturizer being the most common thing to borrow. Two out of three men use their girlfriend or wife’s moisturizer at least some of the time.

One in five women said that their husband or boyfriend tries to SNEAK some of her beauty products without her knowing.

Women say men borrow their stuff because they’re too lazy or too embarrassed to buy their own.

And that’s a problem, because 42% of women say that their men tend to borrow the most EXPENSIVE products.

Guys also don’t know how much to use.

One in four women complain that when a guy borrows her stuff, he uses too much.

Corey had a problem with Jeff using her skin products until she bought him his won. He was using the most expensive product she had, and yes, using entirely too much of it as well.


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