Beauty And Wellness Wednesday: Fireworks’ Safety Tips

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(Photo Credit: Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

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As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day and the splendor of summertime, many of us enjoy the spectacle and amazement of fireworks.

Within all of their beauty lies danger and risk. Click here to view some fireworks safety tips and check out how to treat skin that has been burned by fire and a firework below:

1. If you or someone you know has been burned by a firework, first of all, be sure to have another person call medical personnel using 911 if the burn is large enough. If the burn is a small one and can be treated at home, then try these steps.

2. Hold that burned area under cold running water to reduce the heat level. The water also helps clean the wound.

3. Then take a dry cloth and pat the burned area.

4. Apply a topical anesthetic cream or burn spray or use Aloe Vera lotion or cream to moisturize the burned area. I also use a real aloe Vera plant. Click here to read about the healing properties of aloe.

5. If that person’s clothing has caught fire, have that person, stop, drop and roll on the ground to extinguish the flames.

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

6. Once the wounds and the burned skin have been treated, wrap those burns and wounds in clean soft cloths such as towels, sheets or medical gauze.

7. If you need assistance, please call a professional or take that person to a walk in emergency clinic.

It’s important to practice common sense when operating fireworks. Personally, I would leave the fireworks to the professionals… let someone else create magic and you just simply sit back and watch it!

Do you have additional fireworks safety tips? Share them and watch related video below!

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