Desperate Kid Sells Kidney To Pay Online Gaming Bill

These games and apps are no joke! This isn’t the first person I’ve heard of who accrued a debt from addicting games. It’s pretty easy to do.

We don’t have a lot of details on this story, and it took place in China, so there aren’t many LEGITIMATE news sources to confirm it.

But thought I’d share it anyway:

There’s an 18-year-old named Zhang in the Chinese province of Gansu, who racked up a HUGE bill buying video games online. Somehow he ended up charging $3,255 worth of games.

And when he couldn’t pay off the debt, he came up with a solution . . . Zhang decided to sell one of his KIDNEYS.

He found a buyer on the Chinese black market, but whoever bought Zhang’s kidney got a bargain.

Zhang sold his kidney for $6,510, but the going rate for a black-market kidney in China is about $47,000.

That seems pretty weird, so some people think this desperate idiot’s online gaming debt was a little more like an online GAMBLING debt. But no one’s sure.


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