You’re NOT A REAL Texan

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(credit:  Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

(credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

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At least that’s what my neighbor Phillip says… Below you’ll see a pic of my neighbor and hes pasted a bunch of would be tattoos onto his picture… That is the outline of what he wants to get all over his body. He says “Anybody that claims to be a real Texan is full of it if they don’t show it all over the canvas that God gave ya… I don’t think that’s really true… He’s been saying this for months and still hasn’t gotten the ink… Every time I see him… he criticizes me for being a “fake” Texan! What do YOU think makes a REAL and TRUE Texan… I have my ideas but what are yours! Check this out… and give him hell if ya want to! I’ll tell him everything y’all say!


(Photo Credit: Cowboy Dave)


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