Think Green Thursday: Uses For Rainwater

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(Photo Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

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When the forecast calls for rain, consider the weather conditions an opportune time to do something wonderful for our environment.

Did you know that there are a few uses for rainwater that are seen as beneficial for budding environmentalists such as myself? Take a look at how rain water can help you cut costs and help preserve our planet’s resources!

1. Watering of Plants- During a recent few-day stretch of rainy days here in Houston, I took a few margarine bowls and collected the rain water on my patio. I had three good bowls of rain water and I was able to water my plants for a few weeks with the collected rain water. It saved me from running my taps in my home!

(Photo Credit: China Photos/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: China Photos/Getty Images)

2.Laundry- Once it is treated and purified, fresh rain water can be used to safely wash clothing. Should you choose to use rainwater for laundering clothing, you will need a specialized system within your home that allows use of this low-mineral alternative to potable water. Usually these systems are commonly used in island or arid areas with limited water availability.

3. Car Wash, Rainwater Style- Grab some buckets and wash your car with rainwater. I did this once and I promise you that my vehicle had an extra sparkle in it when I dried it….really!

4. Mopping The Floors With Rainwater- I collected some rain water and used it to mop my bathroom floor. I added my favorite cleaner with the rain water and cleaned my floor as well as my tub!

Do you have other uses not mentioned above in which you use rain water? Sound off and watch related video below!

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