Protesters From Westboro Church May Show Up At Funeral Of George Jones

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George Jones

George Jones (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Wednesday, the  funeral for country music legend George Jones is being held at the Grand Ole Opry  and CMT is carrying it live.

Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Charlie Daniels, Vince Gill, Kid Rock, Ronnie Milsap, and Randy Travis will perform tributes to Jones.

Kenny Chesney, Barbara Mandrell, former First Lady Barbara Bush, CBS anchor Bob Schieffer, and Tennessee governor Bill Haslam, will give the eulogies.

Other stars paying their respects include Patty Loveless, Travis Tritt, Wynonna Judd, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

There’s also a chance that the twisted souls at the Westboro Baptist Church may show up and form a picket line.  (They’re the ones who protest funerals for dead soldiers, and claim that God hates gays.)

Why?  Because they’re media-hungry scumbags who crave attention.  Officially, however . . . it’s because George Jones led a lifestyle that did not meet with their approval.

They issued press release calling George a “drunkard,” and said that he, quote “Used his talent to glorify himself and engage in much adultery.”

As I said, it’s not certain that they’re going to be there.  Yesterday, Westboro spokesperson Margie Phelps told the Tennessean, quote, “It’s not fully decided at this moment.  [It’s] about 80/20.”

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