Top 10 Colognes Your Man Should Be Wearing

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His first #1 song was "Gettin' You Home." Most people know this song as "The Black Dress Song." If you ever go to one of his concerts, you will notice a lot of women wearing black dresses.
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Corey was lamenting that her husband Jeff is refusing to wear Drakkar Noir cologne. It’s a scent she loves but Jeff is standing firm and likes the way he smells already. I agreed. Ladies, buy us shirts, pants, shoes, belts, etc., but just know we get full veto power when it comes to our smell. However, guys do want to know what you like.

Ladies, we asked you to text in what the best colognes on men were right now. Here were the top 5 from our listeners. Kenneth Cole, “Black”, Gucci “Guilty”, Armani “Code”, Hugo Boss, and “Aqua di Gio”.

It seems that colognes come and go, but for a pretty good published list of the best men’s colognes, click below.

The top 10 voted men’s colognes for 2013

Corey’s Diary about Jeff not wanting to wear Corey’s choice in cologne

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