Hoda Kotb Will Be Sleeping With Blake!

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Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

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Hoda Kotb of NBC’s Today adopted a new dog from a shelter last week and when it came time to name the dog a lot of people thought she should name him after Blake Shelton, whom Hoda has called her perfect man.

She didn’t want to do that because she thought it would seem a little “stalkerish,” so she named the dog Charlie, but apparently Blake Shelton didn’t see it that way.

He called into the show and surprised Hoda on Thursday morning and protested, “You didn’t name your dog after me?” As soon as she heard his voice she said, “Wait a second, it’s only been named for 30 seconds, you can unring the bell.” She asked if Miranda Lambert would be okay with her naming the dog after him and Blake said, “Let’s pretend like I asked her and she said yes.”

So with Blake’s blessing she changed the dog’s name to Blake Charlie Kotb. After Blake hung up Kathie Lee joked, “We don’t want any e-mails now about the fact that Hoda is going to be sleeping with Blake.”

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