Cowboy Dave’s Secret Life EXPOSED [VIDEO]

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(Photo Credit: Marc Mckinney)

(Photo Credit: Marc Mckinney)

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Cowboy Dave Kelley Birthday: January 12, 1979 at BenTaub Hospit...
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I have been here at The New Bull @100.3 for just about four years now and it has been the best four years of my life!

I was born here, it’s my home and it’s no secret that I’m as country as they come! As my buddy Kevin Fowler says… I’m 100% Texas ’til I die! I live on a 110 acre farm in my hometown of Magnolia Texas with just about every native Texas farm animal that you can think of… and most of them live inside with me and the family.


(Photo Credit: Cowboy Dave)

What has been kind of a secret though… is that I’m a TOTAL Rock & Roll head… I’ve played guitar since I was 5 years old, and not that country doesn’t have great guitar players like Keith Urban, Vince Gill and Brad Paisley… I was always just more attracted to Eddie Van Halen and the really good guitarists that required a certain level of style and skill that I just didn’t see in Country as a kid! As I grew up, I found Jerry Reed and guys like that so I became the metal hillbilly with my friends! I absolutely love Country music…

Did you know that Cowboy Dave is in a band? If you care, or would like to see what I do on the weekends, here is the video from our band HELLSOUTH called “WRONG”. Some of the lyrical content favors lyrics from Zac Browns Toes “Roll a big fat one” and Kid Rocks ‘Picture” … just a warning:) For me it’s all about the guitar playin’… and I do plenty of that! Check it out below:

It’s weird that I’ll show up to concerts dressed like I always do…. hat, boots and a pearl snap shirt and people are shocked to find out that I work for the BULL but I’m at a ZZ Top or Slayer concert! I never thought anything of it… but it’s come up more and more as time rolls on! Sometimes its a pleasant talk… sometimes people are offended! I’m an open book when it comes to music… I just like GOOD stuff!

It’s funny when people go to a rock show at Scout Bar or somewhere here around town and see me and recognize me when I’m playing with our band HELLSOUTH… They always seem surprised to see my big ol country butt up there rockin… haha!! I never thought it was a big deal but a few people have told me that it’s interesting and I should throw it out there… so here it is! I’m gonna pit this pic on a T-shirt so people will have a visual answer when they ask me what kind of music I like…


(Photo Credit: Cowboy Dave)

Below… that is KING George and the lead singer of my favorite band to ever come out of Texas… Phil Anselmo of PANTERA! I love ‘em both equally

Is it a big deal that I like 2 kinds of music? I loveJack Ingram, Pantera, Kevin Fowler, old 80’s rock and the list goes on!

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