Woman’s Claim: “Miranda Lambert Threatened To Punch Me In The Mouth!”


According to the “National Enquirer”, MIRANDA LAMBERT threatened to punch some woman who accused her of shoplifting.  The woman’s name is Melanie Peden, and this happened back on March 5th.

It’s not clear what Miranda is accused of stealing, but according to the story, it happened in Peden’s store in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, which is located a few doors down from Miranda’s shop, the Pink Pistol.

Peden tells the “Enquirer”, quote, “[Miranda] had a complete meltdown and threatened to ‘punch me in the mouth’ if I kept talking.  I was stunned and a little bit scared too, because she was growling and yelling at me like a crazy lady.

-“She’s got a real anger problem and needs help.  But I stood my ground and asked her to leave my store.”  Peden supposedly filed a police report the next day.  There’s been no comment from Miranda.

My take:

If this would have come from a “source”, I would have rejected it out of the box . . . but since there’s a name attached there might be some truth to it.  And yet, I’m still skeptical. I will  say, of any celebrity, male or female, Miranda is definately one I wouldn’t ever want to make mad. Her lyrics SCARE me sometimes. I bet she scares the heck out of Blake too and he’s bigger than me.

I would think Miranda’s store brings in lots of fans and curiosity seekers and that’s good for business for the other stores in town…so I’m surprised this woman would be this upset. She’d have to know it was Miranda Lambert in her store wouldn’t she? And the obvious, why in the heck would Miranda shoplift anything? She’s got to be worth tens of millions of dollars already. Juicy gossip though IF it’s true.

And maybe all this anger, if it’s true, stems from this story: Did Blake cheat on his wife

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