‘Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain’ Inked On People’s Bodies!

Gary Allan‘s single “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)” has become his very first #1 song that he’s had as a writer.

The song is also special for another reason. Gary says that it’s been the fastest song to make it onto people’s bodies in the form of a tattoo.

He says, “Usually it takes a couple of months and you start seeing the tattoos with like ‘No Regrets’ or just whatever lyrics you wrote and I saw “Every Storm Runs Out of Rain” inked on people … some good ones, some bad ones.”

Allan’s  cowriter, Hillary Lindsey, says what’s amazing is that they’re not all small tattoos. One person had the song title tattooed in big letters all the way down the side of their body. Gary figures it’s a sign that people are really connecting with the song, and in a way he feels badly about that. He says, “I hear the stories on the road every day. Somebody always corners me and tells me how I’ve inspired them or gotten them through something. And I usually laugh and say, ‘Well if you like my stuff that much that means you’ve been through a lot of stuff, so, sorry about that.'”


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