Style And Fashion Fridays: Grip That RodeoHouston Gear!

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R. Nelson/ Getty Images)

R. Nelson/ Getty Images)

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As Houston lassos up a good time during RodeoHouston, it’s important that you have a few essentials when it comes to great rodeo gear! So let’s lay down the law in cool cowboy and cowgirl fashion!

Cowboy Boots- A great pair of cowboy boots is one essential accessory you need if you are going out to Houston’s rodeo! Aside from there being a plethora of shops you can visit for a great pair of cowboy boots, you can also check with consignment shops as well as second hand stores to see if someone dropped off a great pair of boots that were never worn! When you are shopping for your boots, be sure to wear comfortable socks or inserts in them as you try them on. The worst thing you want to encounter during your time at the rodeo are blisters from ill-fitting footwear. Click here to learn where you can go and purchase some great cowboy boots in the Houston area!

(Photo: Nisian Hughes/ Getty Images)

(Photo: Nisian Hughes/ Getty Images)

Cowboy Hats-During my search for cowboy hats, I lucked up on a great variety at a store that sells items for 99 cents! Needless to say I purchased several of them! You too can find great finds on this essential item! Cowboy hats make or break a true rodeo outfit so do don’t leave home without one! Click here to learn more about where you can purchase a great cowboy hat!

Jeans-What would rodeo gear be without a great pair of jeans? The great thing about jeans is that you can find them anywhere! If you are low on cash, you can check with second hand or consignment stores and pay but a few bucks for them! Check them for fit before you leave. Also another great advantage to jeans is the fact that they come in a variety of colors. Try rolling up your jeans mid quarter to show off your cowboy boots or take your jeans and secure them with a rope instead of a belt around your waist for a real western look. Also, if weather is a bit cooler at RodeoHouston, pair them with a great blazer or nice jacket; you will look like a true westerner!

Denim Shirts- I don’t know about you, but denim shirts are one of my favorite things to wear! Just like jeans, they are very versatile! When I went to RodeoHouston last year, I found a great denim shirt for only $2.00! I paired them with my black tapered pants and put on my cowboy boots! I also took the ends of my denim shirt and tied them for a great rodeo look! Try doing the same!

(Photo:    Stephen Saks/ Getty Images)

Stephen Saks/ Getty Images)

Bandanas-Bandanas are again one of those accessories that are so versatile that the ways to wear them are endless! Try a great bandana around your neck and make sure that you are not chocking yourself! You can place the knot either on the side or in the front. Also, try wearing a bandana on your head one day like a headband. The looks of “western-ism” a bandana allows are truly fun!

Cowboy Shirt- There is nothing like a great cowboy/western shirt! Again, I hit my local second hand store and found a red one that I absolutely love! I bought it extra big so that it can be tied around my waist! I also pair it with my jeans as well as my black tapered pants. The look is amazing!

What are your HoustonRodeo essentials? Share them and watch related video below!

Cicely C. Mitchell, 100.3 THE BULL/ Houston

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